Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nolan's 49ers Press Conference December 24 News and Notes

  • Proud of the team and wants to continue the winning streak against the Browns
  • Keith Lewis had a good game and a strong point on the special teams
  • Frank Gore had a good game
  • Ability to throw the ball was key and Shaun Hill did a nice job.
  • Had more 3 and outs than he would like but was pleased with the touchdowns
  • "Jon Gruden is an excellent football coach."
  • "Michael Lewis had an outstanding game on defense."
  • Gives credit to the team for playing hard and to the very end at the end of each season
  • "Underacheived from a record standpoint"
  • "Hill is a gamer." Said it twice
  • Not one of the more interesting press conferences... things are more interesting after a loss

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