Thursday, January 24, 2008

NBA/NCAA Notes and Observations

  • Seton Hall beat Providence in impressive fashion tonight 88-75. Bobby Gonzalez is a GREAT coach for this team and the team is playing with a lot of energy and passion.
  • Good win for Arizona tonight at home as they scored 76 on the tough Washington State D.
  • Oregon State did the right thing in firing Jay John but they still lost tonight by 24 to O.J. Mayo and the Trojans.
  • Lots of road teams won tonight such as Montana State,  Nevada, Wofford,  Eastern Kentucky, Washington, Morehead State, Applachian State, Seton Hall, and UNC Greensboro.
  • The Miami Heat lost their 15th game in a row!!! All they do is let Dwayne Wade hoist jumpers or drive as the defense collapses on him. This will lead to a missed shot or a turnover from Wade. He needs to learn from Kobe and learn how to pass and get assists.
  • The Heat have a good shot of beating the Pacers in their next game and stopping their losing streak.
  • The Bucks beat the Pacers tonight 102-94. Michael Redd had 37 points. 

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