Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens Didn't Take Steroids

I believe Roger Clemens. I really do. When he tells the media and the fans that he never used HGH or anabolic steroids, he gets criticized and ridiculed by the press. They make jokes and don't believe a word he says.
Why? Who should the fans believe in instead? The media? God forbid anyone does that and get brainwashed by evil journalists. A lot of these columnists mocking Clemens have no credibility at all.

Just because you are a middle-aged fat man who writes for a living does not make you an "expert." Since these haters blasting Clemens probably never played sports since gym class in high school, they probably know nothing about exercise regimens and working out. They wonder how a 45-year-old man can still throw fastballs without any help from performance-enhancing drugs.

The ex-trainer for Clemens, Brian McNamee, has been called a "sewer rat" by well-respected ESPN baseball journalist, Peter Gammons. Why does most of the media believe in this so-called "sewer rat" rather than Clemens?

The media is making this an important story and Clemens is garnering more headlines now than when he was an active pitcher. Do the fans really care about this subject though? Clemens is practically retired as of today and probably won't see a baseball mound again. He should be remembered as one of the best power pitchers in Major League Baseball and be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a few years. But now Clemens has to answer the same questions over and over again about his alleged drug use. He had to appear on "60 Minutes" and tell 89-year-old reporter Mike Wallace that he never used steroids. Wallace had the audacity to say "Swear" after Clemens said he never used steroids. Clemens should have just left the room and ended the interview after that. He showed more composure than I would have in his position.

All Clemens wants is an inch of respect from the media and the public. He gets more than an inch from me. I have always respected Clemens as a pitcher and now I respect him as a person for standing up to the media. He told the media in his press conference today to keep their vote for the Hall of Fame. He doesn't need or want their vote if they are treating him like a cheater.

You don't have to like Clemens or believe him, but he should get the benefit of the doubt. I sure would trust him more than I trust a personal trainer. Think about all the personal trainers at gyms all across this country. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. The trainers that I know are sneaky, ex-convicts, and tricky. Are they all bad people? Of course not. Personal trainers are just as credible as newspaper columnists and TV journalists. Take that statement for however you want. The media wants the fans to turn on Clemens and he is already guilty until proven innocent. It sure makes for a good story but Clemens does not deserve to be tried by the press. It won't be long until pitchers and catchers report for spring training and the Clemens scandal will no longer garner headlines on every sports page across America. Baseball fans don't care as much about this scandal as the media wants you to think and this will be proven in the next few months.

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