Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NY Giants Rhyme

"New York Giants"

We the New York Giants
Comin through when it's do or die
Teams talkin trash but winning is our reply
We the New York Giants
U know we unstoppable like Eli
We the New York Giants
No one can beat us
Runnin through teams with Brandon Jacobs
We the New York Giants

U can't stop Ahmad or Brandon
We gettin sacks with Osi and Strahan
Don't care much about T.O.'s ankle
or bout Jessica SImpson and Romo
Thanks Jessica for takin him to Mexico
Hope u enjoyed Eli's touchdown to Plaxico
U two can continue your romance
While we stay in the playoffs and advance
So tell me who's the real hero
We got heart the size of T.O.'s ego
That's why we keep winnin
and everyone in N.Y. stay grinnin

Everyone knows how tough we play
Now it's time to beat Favre in Green Bay
Haters said we can't win without Tiki
And that we dead when we lost Shockey
But our team makin winning look easy
Critics said that our QB sucked
and that we would run out of luck
But u haters gettin bulldozed like a linebacker after a block from Hedgecock
QBs goin down from a sack by Justin Tuck
Cuz no one open thanks to Webster and Ross
Play against us, get ready for a loss
Cuz this team tight to the end like Kevin Boss
After every sack, u know Strahan be balllllllin
Much love to the whole team and Coach Coughlin

We the we the New York Giants
Road Warriors, makin the home crowd go silent
cuz we the we the New York Giants
U can be home, we'll be the guests
Road warriors, we the best
We the New York Giants

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thi is great!!!!!