Wednesday, January 2, 2008

49ers Press Conference Notes

John York -
- Scot McCloughan is now the new GM
- had a five year plan with Nolan to put the 49ers on top
- believes they can overcome the challenges they faced this season
- this was the right time for McCloughhan to be the GM

Scot McCloughan
- totally believes in what Nolan has started here
- appreciates the opportunity from Mr.York
- every fifth word is "um"
- there will be competition at QB
- would take a QB in the draft or sign one in free agency if he is talented
- players want to win and play for Nolan
- the meetings the last two days were not about Mike Nolan
- the team believes in Nolan and what he's doing
- Nolan is very passionate and it will because of Nolan that they will get over this hump
- goal for next year is to improve
- "I want to win, win, win."
- his friendship with Nolan will last forever
- will be disappointed if they are not a playoff-contending team next season
- "Mike has done a great job with these guys."

Mike Nolan
- excited about the new GM
- can now focus more on football issues
- relationship with the new GM has always been good
- is fully in favor of this new move by Mr.York
- Offensive coordinator Jim Hostler has been let go
- will make the decision on the hiring of the new offensive coordinator
- has a different relationship with every player but he cares about all his players
- wants his relationship to be strong with Alex Smith just like with every other player
- will remain the one voice and the face of the 49ers
- just won't be the "triggerman" anymore as he no longer is the GM
- not disappointed at all about losing the GM duties
- no team has asked permission to speak with Mike Singletary yet
- would like to hire an offensive coordinator with experience and has command of the players
- Hostler was let go due to the lack of offensive production
- "Football is the ultimate team sport and everyone relies on one another."
- "Everything starts at the top."
- when someone leaves, the goal is to get better.
- says he owns up to all the mistakes he has made
- "You take the good with the bad."

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