Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NBA Monday Observations and Notes

  • The Nuggets do not play good D. George Karl needs to get his team to play some form of defense.
  • Derek Fisher has been a big reason why the Lakers are playing so well this year.
  • Warriors lost to Minnesota because they were coming off a five day road trip and this was a letdown game.
  • Minnesota plays hard even though they are only 6-34.
  • The Bulls need to make some trades and get rid of some of their players.
  • Rudy Gay, Gerald Green, Jamario Moon, and Dwight Howard are the participants in the All Star Slam Dunk Contest this year.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks need to make trades as well. 
  • Yi Jianlian needs to put up more shots and Maurice Williams needs to take less shots.
  • This is another lost season for the Clippers.
  • Orlando finally defeated the Pistons after losing to Detroit nine straight times.
  • Miami lost to the Cavs and their losing streak continues. 
  • Portland is for real... like you didn't know that already.

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