Monday, April 9, 2012

Barry Zito leads the San Francisco Giants to their first win and embarrasses the Colorado Rockies

Barry Zito shut out the Colorado Rockies this afternoon to lead the San Francisco Giants to a 7-0 win. This is not a joke and April Fool's Day was eight days ago.

Giants' fans have ridiculed and laughed at Zito's bad starts for the past few years. They have seen him pitch horrible games and make so many bad wild pitches.

Every season, Zito would say he would get better. He used to tell the media about how he went from doing two pullups to over 20 pullups over one offseason thanks to working out with Brian Wilson.

Zito would do yoga as well but none of that helped him get better and the velocity of his fastball declined every year.

The lefthander got married in the offseason and maybe that helped him relax. Who knows?

If you told me that Zito would pitch a shutout in Coors Field and only allow four hits and not walk a single batter, I would have not believed you. Maybe the world is truly ending in 2012 and the Mayan calendar is correct.

What's next? Is Zito going to win 20 games this year and be a Cy Young candidate? The chances of that happening aren't very likely but Zito is off to a great start.

Maybe we should all thank former Texas Rangers' pitching coach Tom House for altering Zito's mechanics and pitching delivery.

Mr.Zito's next start is against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday night in San Francisco. The Pirates' offense is not very strong so Zito has a good chance of winning another game.

Congratulations to the Giants and Zito for shocking the baseball world today. And in case you forgot how wild Zito has been in previous years, check out this video below.

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