Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lakers' Jordan Hill applauds and claps his hands after Tony Parker makes a layup

Here's a funny video of Spurs' guard Tony Parker doing a sweet crossover on Lakers' Ramon Sessions for a layup but look at the Lakers' bench as Jordan Hill is seen clapping after Parker makes the shot.

Is that awkward or what? It's alright if you are a Lakers' fan and can appreciate the talents of an opposing team but for a teammate of Sessions to applaud after a made shot by the opponent is wrong and unprofessional.


Anonymous said...

wtf jordan!!!!! If Kobe made a nice shot, I dn't think the other team is going to jump up and down! U want to be a Spur?

Anonymous said...

That is foul!How dare you do that when you get paid by Mr.Buss.Hill is expendable anyways. Just a cheerleader on bench

Anonymous said...

Lakers just released Hill. Lol