Sunday, May 10, 2009

Giants Vs. Dodgers Sunday Observations and Live Extra Innings Blog

The Giants are in a 4-4 tie with the Dodgers right now in the top of the 11th inning. This would be a huge victory for the Giants if they can pull this one out. They have a better chance now with Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton out of the game.

The problem is that their offense is so pathetic that they usually make a bad pitcher look good and a good pitcher look like Cy Young.

I am so tired of Bruce Bochy as most of you guys know. Why does he insist on batting Fred Lewis first in every game? Lewis is a strikeout machine. Whenever he gets two strikes on him, I know what will happen next. We will see either a swing and a miss or a called third strike by the umpire.

Randy Winn would be a better leadoff hitter. For example, today they could have had Winn bat leadoff and Lewis bat fifth right after Bengie Molina.

Why is Rich Aurilia still on this team? Because Bochy loves veterans. Aurilia came up with the bases loaded late in the game and struck out as a pinch hitter for Travis Ishikawa. I would have liked Bochy stick with Ishikawa even with a lefty pitcher on the mound, but Bochy has no confidence in Ishikawa against a lefty.

How can Ishikawa gain any confidence when he never bats against lefties?

The Giants have a two out rally going on right now. Pablo Sandoval is now the batter with two men on base. Sandoval is due for a big hit so let's see what happens. Sandoval often swings at the first pitch and has no plate discipline at all. It can be very frustrating as a Giants fan to watch him hit especially with runners on base.

He is now in a 0-2 count. This does not look good for Sandoval. He is 0-5 so far today. Molina is 0-5 as well.

Aaron Rowand had two hits in the game but his best contributions today were in the outfield as he made a few nice diving catches.

Sandoval just got the third out of the inning and he is now 0-6. This game is going to be four hours long and counting.

Emmanuel Burriss is a legit major leaguer. I had my doubts about him earlier this season but he has been very solid of late. He has had a great road trip and now his batting average is .283 after having three hits so far today.

Bob Howry is on the mound now for the Giants. He had a scoreless inning in the 10th.

The Giants had bases loaded with no outs in the eighth and only scored one run. This team is just pathetic on offense.

Mike Krukow just said that the Giants and Dodgers have no home runs by any of their first basemen this season. Wow.

Somone has to be the hero in this game. If the Giants win, my pick would be Big Money Molina.

The Giants are now up 5-4 after an Aurilia sac fly with the bases loaded. Molina got the inning going with a base hit to start off the inning.

Brian Wilson is in for the Giants now to try and close the game. He got the first batter out but he just threw an inside pitch to Casey Blake who belted it into the stands in left field to tie the game once again.

This game is now going to the 13th inning! Steve Holm replaced Molina in the bottom of the 12th inning.

The Giants finally win in the 13th inning when Randy Winn hit a double with the bases loaded and one out. Final score is 7-5.

The Giants are now four and a half games back of the Dodgers who now go on a road trip to the East Coast. The Giants begin a homestand starting tomorrow against the Nationals.

The Giants can't afford a letdown tomorrow night and they need Randy Johnson to go deep into the game because their bullpen was used a lot this weekend.

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