Friday, May 15, 2009

Strikeforce ShoMMA Strikeforce Challenger Series Live Blog

The show just started on Showtime and the first fight is Tito Jones vs. Bao Quach.

Jones trains out of Sacramento, California, and fights out of Ultimate Fitness, Urijah Faber's gym. He is 4-0 as a featherweight.

Quach is a very tough fighter and is the favorite to win this fight.

Jones is taller but they both have a 68" reach.

Fight will get underway soon as they are both in the cage now.

Nothing happened in round 1. Jones did not let his hands go and Quach did not go for any takedowns.

It was a very boring first round. Faber told Jones to "unload" but he did not. The crowd booed a lot in this round.

All Quach is doing is low kicking Jones. This match is a huge disappointment so far.

I would give both rounds to Quach right now.

Wow, Tito Jones finally unloaded in round three on Quach and knocked him down twice. This could be a 10-8 round in favor of Jones.

Jones had Quach in trouble but could not finish him off. He had a lot of chances in this round but he did not finish the job. It must have been very frustrating for all the fans of Jones' because Quach was dizzy and could have been had.

All three judges gave the fight to Quach 29-28. The crowd is booing the decision as Jones was the more explosive of the two fighters.

Quach tells the fans he does not care that they are booing him since he won and that he would give Jones a rematch anytime, any place and anywhere.

I believe this fight could have been a draw but Jones did allow Quach to recover in the last round. Jones may have been tired but Quach admitted that Jones allowed him to recover and did not capitalize on him being hurt.

Aaron Rosa vs. Anthony Ruiz is next.

Rosa wins by rear naked choke in the first round.

Lavar Johnson is now going to fight Carl Seumanutafa. This should be a slugfest I believe.

This is a heavyweight fight and Seumanutafa is coming off two losses.

I will be watching this fight but the Bobby Lashley vs. Mike Cook fight is also on right now. Lashley is fighting Cook at MFC 21 in Canada.

Ok, this fight is over before it basically started. 18 seconds and the fight is over as Johnson hits Seumanutafa with an uppercut to end it. Seumanutafa was going for a takedown when he got punched.

Miesha Tate vs. Sarah Kaufman is next. Kaufman is the heavy favorite to win but if Tate can get her down, all bets are off.

They are both in the cage now. The fight is about to start.

Kaufman won round one with her good stand-up and she threw a lot of punches that landed. Tate had one takedown at the end of the round.

Tate wins the second round by taking Kaufman down and working her ground and pound.

Winner of round three wins the fight!

Kaufman wins round three and should win this fight. Tate looks like she has a bloody nose.

The judges all give the fight to Kaufman 29-28. Tate tried to take down Kaufman in the third round but Kaufman stuffed them all with a great sprawl.

Tate seemed tired and probably had a hard time breathing with a bloody nose. This was a very solid fight.

This is the first time Kaufman has ever had an opponent last all three rounds with her. She is now 9-0.

It is now time for the main event.

Billy Evangelista vs. Mike Aina. Round one was a competitive one and we are headed to round two. It was a stand-up fight in the first round.

This isn't a great fight by any means. The best fight of the night was the women's fight between Kaufman and Tate.

This fight is over in the second round due to an illegal knee by Evangelista. Aina's knee was down and he was against the cage, and he hurt his jaw.

Herb Dean, the ref, stopped it after the doctor said Aina could not continue.

The winner of the fight is Aina by DQ. Aina said he hurt his jaw and ear. There should be a rematch between these two.

The show is over. Good night everyone!

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