Monday, May 11, 2009

Strikeforce Fighter Tito Jones Interview

D Wizzle talked to Tito Jones, a MMA fighter representing Team Alpha Male, about his upcoming fight for Strikeforce this Friday night on Showtime, and also about his career. Jones has a 6-2 MMA record and his last four fights have been in the PFC (Palace Fighting Championship).

How's it going Tito? Are you ready for your big fight this Friday against Bao Quach on Showtime?

Everything's going great! Thank you. I'm more ready than ever for this fight, I sometimes have trouble sleeping because I'm so eager to get in there and do the damn thing!

Of Quach's last six fights, four of them have ended up in decision while five of your eight fights have been decisions. Do you think we will see this fight end in a decision as well?

Heck no, I'm not trying to see a decision! I really hate when my fights go the distance because when I fight, I really wanna give the people what they want to see and that's a KO or sub.

I still consider consider myself a rookie in the game, and know I have so much more to learn but ever since I moved to train with Urijah Faber and Team Alpha Male, I know I've improved immensely and have acquired a lot of tools to have at hand to prevent this fight from going the distance but either way, I'm ready for whatever. I'm ready for five rounds if needed.

Your last fight was a split decision win over Justin Smitley in the PFC. I thought you were very tentative in letting your hands go in the fight. Do u agree?

Yeah, you're correct about that. I myself was not impressed by my performance. Smitley was a lot more akward than I thought he would be so I had to turn to my wrestling , which many people don't know I have, and fight a more strategic fight. I know it wasn't very exciting .Who wants to watch a wrestling match? (laughs)

You were trained by Roy Jones Sr. Did you ever get a chance to spar with his son ( Roy Jones Jr.)? How do you think he would do in MMA and what would happen if he fought Anderson Silva in a boxing match?

Well first I never sparred with Roy Jr. (thank God!) I had the blessing to be trained by the same man that taught him, his father, and the opportunity of a lifetime to train alongside and in the presence of a legend.

As for him in MMA, I think he would be able to get by some due to his natural athletic ability, I mean look at Kimbo Slice! It's just when he runs into the more legit fighters is where he'll definitely run into some issues. I think at his age now, things for him could be a little more difficult, but I'm not one to say he can't do it because I know the sky's the limit and anything is possible. I feel I'm a clear example of that (laughs). On the note of Roy vs. Silva in a boxing match ..Roy for sure! I wouldn't go challenge Tiger to a game of golf! Boxing is Roy's world and it's a completely different monster than MMA.

Who have you been training with to prepare for this upcoming fight?

I've been training with circus midgets to prepare for this fight! (laughs) No, I've had a lot of training with Urijah, Joseph Benavidez, Chad Mendez and I also had some training down in LA with Charlie Valencia, Manny Tapia, plus countless others and the rest of Team Alpha Male to prepare for this fight.

You look like a very big featherweight. What is your walking around weight?

My walk around weight is usually around 170 pounds. I was up to 173 pounds a little bit before hearing the news of this opportunity.

How has the weight cutting been for this fight?

Weight cutting has been smooth sailing. I'm really good when it comes to cutting weight and this time I'm actually gonna do things a little different but I can't tell you what that's going to be be about. Just plan on seeing a bigger, stronger Tito than ever before. I have to say the hardest part of this weight cut is cutting out my weekly trips to the local frozen yogurt spots!

Why did you decide on MMA instead of boxing? Stephen Quadros told me that you were a two-time Golden Gloves champion.

Well I love boxing, but MMA is my true passion. I was a fan every since I first saw UFC 1. The sport then went through somewhat of a dark age, but when I saw the reemergence of the sport, I knew I had to get in! MMA is the truest form of combat; a modern day spectrum for the modern gladiator. It's the most beautiful sport in the world that represents every aspect of the warrior spirit! I'm blessed to be able to do and live this sport. Also it may be hard to believe, but boxing is much more brutal and savage of a sport!

In the PFC, the fights only have three minute rounds and the fights are in a ring. Are you ready to fight three five minute rounds again and also fight in a cage? Any preference between a ring and a cage?

Man, I freakin hate fighting in a ring so I'm so happy to be back in a cage! I am much more comfortable in a cage and the cage suits my style more. As for having five minute rounds again, I'm more than ready for it. If I had to do an old school Pride 10 minute round, I'm ready for that too. It's impossible to train with Urijah and not be in top physical condition.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Tito and good luck on Friday. Do you have any final words for the fans out there?

Thank you very much and it's a pleasure. People like you are what keep this sport going. Friday night, I intend to make a statement. I intend to show things that haven't been seen before. To be able to fight someone who is a top featherweight and was even ranked in the top ten recently is a dream come true. On Friday night, the world will know there's a new kid on the block in the 145 division and I will be where I belong, one of top 145ers in the world! Thanks again and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Is he related to Tito Ortiz?

Anonymous said...

Team Alpha male? That must be one of the coolest names for a fight team/camp.

Anonymous said...

There is a better chance of him being a relative of Roy Jones than Ortiz!

Birdman said...

I never heard of the guy but nice interview. I might have to check out the fights. Urah Faber has a good team so he must be good.

Anonymous said...

Tito Jones F T W!!!!! Just do the damn thing boy go make Bow Quach bow down!

Anonymous said...

That is a big huge cut from 170 to 145! god damn

Anonymous said...

Tito sounds like a hard worker and he is in with a good camp so he should benefit training with Tapia too. Let's see how his jijjitsu is when he faces a bjj guy.

MMA Man said...

Bao Quach better take it to the ground it seems. Golden Gloves is no joke. They don't give those out to chumps

Anonymous said...

kinfd of messed up he called Urahaer Faber a circus midget but he is short!!! hahaahah just kidding

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great guy and a good boxer. I hope he wins he seems hungry

Anonymous said...

shit, Tito sucks ass. maybe he should go back into boxing.

Anonymous said...

Tito...we love you in Hanford!!! and no good calling Chad and Urijah circus midgets...they are the chimps for sure!
Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

How can you say he sucks when he knocked down a tough fighter like Quafh twice?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but if he was good then he would have attacked Quach while he was down. What was he scared of? You can't win in MMA with just your boxing ability and he just proved it yesterday. Had Quach just stuck to his plan from the beginning then there wouldn't have been any knock down and this whole blog wouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

Tito Jnes is a pretty boy who is afraid to extend himself to win a fight. Bao brought a different game to the table than they expected hah hah and it shooked even Uriah. Wonder who the brain was behind the strategy. Masterful. Bao broke his concentration and got caught in the last round. Bao Quach just again showed his versitility and fighting ability. Boo on fans but the man did what he had to do to win.............

Anonymous said...

It was a boring fight until the last round and Bao did not do much but he did win.If they wanted to fight again I would not mind watching but they better fight better or the boos will be back.

Anonymous said...

good article. Enjoyed the read