Thursday, August 21, 2008

49ers Vs. Bears News, Notes, and Stats

                                       Alex Smith with Mike Nolan deviously grinning in the background

The 49ers defeated the Bears in Chicago tonight 37-30 in a very entertaining game.

49ers Notes, News, and Stats - 

All three QBs played well tonight. 

J.T. O'Sullivan played the first quarter and was 7-8 for 126 yards with one beautiful TD to Jason Hill for 37 yards. 

He left after throwing the TD to Hill early in the second quarter with fourteen minutes left before the half ended.

Alex Smith's stats  were poor as he was only 6-17 for 83 yards with one TD. Stats don't really tell the whole story here as I thought Smith played well. He threw a nice TD pass to Dominique Zeigler in the third quarter, and he showed his mobility when he was able to scramble for a key first down.

Smith did throw behind a lot of his WRs which is not a good sign. 

Shaun Hill was 6-7 for 60 yards.

On the 49ers' first possession, Frank Gore had a couple nice carries to start off the game. One of the carries was a nice cutback in which he gained 28 yards. 

On 3rd and 5 in the red zone, the 49ers tried to run for the first down instead of having O'Sullivan airing it out. I thought Jim Hostler was gone!!  The 49ers did not convert and had to settle for a FG.

Vernon Davis had only one catch but it was a nice one.  O'Sullivan made a great pass to Davis which went for 40 yards. Davis was being covered by a linebacker.  

RB Thomas Clayton had the best game of his career. He had 18 carries for 81 yards with one TD.  His TD was a 15-yard run where he made a sweet cutback to the right side of the field. 

WRs Zeigler and Hill combined for 10 catches for 155 yards. What will the 49ers do with Zeigler? He was on their practice squad a year ago. 

FB Zak Keasey also had a great game. He showed his running ability with a 16-yard run. Keasey also played well in special teams and made a great tackle on Devin Hester in the end zone after a punt.

The defense looked really bad tonight. They made  Kyle Orton look like Tom Brady.

The D-line was being manhandled by the much maligned O-line of the Bears. There was no pressure on Orton, and RB Matt Forte ran through the defense.

There was a  blown coverage  when WR Rashied Davis ran by Manny Lawson and Nate Clements for a big gain in the first half.

Bears Notes, News, and Stats -

QB Kyle Orton played very well. Orton was 10-17 for 147 yards with 2 TDs. 

The O-line played great and did not allow any sacks in the first half. 

They also gave Forte plenty of room to run. 

Forte looked good and converted a 4th and 1 in the red zone. 

Forte ended up with 44 yards on 11 carries.

Rex Grossman was booed and went 1-4 for only six yards.  

Caleb Hanie was 3-7 with a TD. The TD was to Brandon Rideau with no time left on the clock in the fourth quarter.  

Rideau used his height advantage to jump and catch the ball while being covered by the shorter 49er cornerback. It was a 51-yard TD.

Davis had two TDs as he was open all night long. 

Orton did miss Davis on 3rd and Goal in  the end zone  just before halftime which forced the Bears to go for a short FG instead.

Robbie Gould missed a 48-yard FG.

WR Brandon Lloyd did not catch a pass but he did block a punt. 

Danieal Manning had two nice kick returns. One of them went for 75 yards.

Garrett Wolfe fumbled on one kick return.


Anonymous said...

6-17? Smith just gave the job to JTO. Martz and Nolan get their guy.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Hill is better than both these chumps. once JTO and Smith fall flat on their faces, the only alternative will be Hill, the people's champion! Go turtle!! You know Vernon davis wants Hill too as the starter.

Anonymous said...

Time for people to get off the JTO bandwagon. This is preseason fellas!!! Should be Smith 1 , Hill 2, and JTO 3. Just like it was with the Lions with Kitna. JTO = NFL europe

Anonymous said...

JTO is gonna get the starting nod. The time has passed for A. Smith. We need to trade or get rid of him!

Anonymous said...

War O'Sullivan!

Anonymous said...

All the JTO backers will hide once he starts to throw interceptions and make dumb mistakes. Then all the Alex Smith bashers will cry for Alex. Fickled fans.

Anonymous said...

What kind of shirt is Smith wearing? What a fucking poser!!!!! Can't $100 million buy him better wardrobe?

Anonymous said...

The big contract can buy Alex a ugly shirt but it can't buy good fashion sense!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rex Grossman looked really bad. I am a Bears fan and will take any of the 49er quarterbacks over Grossman. Grossman for Smith since you guys hate smith and we hate Grossman.

Anonymous said...

Alex is too cute to be sacked. Is he single or taken? Not like this chica here has a chance rofl

Anonymous said...

Smith has a fiancee, some hot blonde chick.

Anonymous said...

We should have cut Smith a long time ago and sign Chad Pennington when we had the chance. Alex Smith = bust. Aaron Rogers looked great last night by the way. Can't wait for the season to start no matter what happens.