Friday, August 22, 2008

Aliann Pompey's Live Blog From Beijing: August 21 and 22

Here is Olympian Aliann Pompey blogging live from Beijing, China. Pompey is a track and field competitor representing Guyana.

 D Wizzle's World knows that fans want to get an athlete's view on everything going on in China and NOT always from the biased media.

Thanks to Aliann for giving us a glimpse of what's going on in Beijing at the Games.

Friday, August 22, 2008
This morning Coach Ryan, myself, and Adam had an interview with Irish tv Rte. And a good time was to be had by all. By far, it was the most relaxed interview I've ever done.  There was a lot of joking around, laughing ,and  making fun of Coach Ryan.  

After that, we had a special presentation from/to the Ambassador to/from the Guyana Olympic President Juman Yassin.  The highlight for me was meeting June Griffith.  She's the woman who had the 400m and 200m national records.

  I was supposed to go to the silk market, but a certain Derrick Adkins (Bahamas) left without me.  

SO I stayed home to watch Jamaica women drop the the baton in the 4x100m.  I was waiting for them to smash that record.  I just knew they were going to.  My heart goes out to them, they were their worst enemies.  Nothing rocked my world like the men's 4x100m relay. 

Did you see it? Oh my God, Bolt handed off to Asafa, watched him finish with a world record, ran down the track to congratulate him, AND BEAT SOMEONE!!! I know Trini-Bago got second, congrats to that team.  

I don't really know what else happened int he race, except Jamaica finished twice. In one Olympic Games, Bolt has 3 world records. Everything he touches is gold.  He is officially, the greatest track athlete of all time.  I think I'm a fan. OMG!These are definitely a track fan's Olympics.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Today I was thinking long term.  I went to a mini-seminar in the Olympic Village.

 Mr Gorgemans from Switzerland was giving a speech about post-competition transition. 

 A few people showed up, and he talked to us about a company he started in Switzerland where they facilitate top level athlete's transitioning into their lives after competing.  I did get a bit discouraged because 'top-level' athletes usually mean Olympic gold medallist. 

 But he was helpful to me, passing on some tips and contact information.  Thank you Sir. I still can't believe Federer didn't win though.

Later that night... I don't know where to begin with the relays.

 USA dropping the stick in both men's and women's 4x100? What a curse!I'm not sure who had a better chance, but they both would've had some work to do to beat Jamaica.  But it didn't even get that far. WOW!I got over those races really quickly though.

 The race of the night was definitely the men's 400m.   I don't know, but I think Merritt was a little surprised.  It looked like he kept looking for Jeremy, who eventually came.  A whole second later.  All I have to say, is if people are betting, someone is losing a whole lot of money, or winning a whole lot. (duh, right?)

Quick story before I go:  I forgot to tell it the other day, but it's still cracking me up.  So after our race, myself and Christine (Amer-steel) Amertil were on the bus to come home. Mind you, it was packed to capacity.  This man fro New Zealand got up to talk to someone, and I went to sit down.  

This South African athlete had the nerve to put her foot on the seat, and say, "i'm saving it for my friend". I said well your friend isn't even on the bus, but I am, and sat. That's not the story. So the bus leaves, most of the people that are sitting are officials and or males.  That means mostly females/athletes are standing, right?  So Amer-steel goes off ont his tirade about how chivalry is dead, we fought for equal rights, and now we can't get a seat, and men are inconsiderate.

  I'm laughing of course, because I laugh at everything.  They hear her, but no one is even moving.  

Walter Dix is sitting right behind us, doesn't budge.

 So this HUGE thrower from Spain got up. "Please, take my seat". Sitting, he looked huge. When he stood up, he blocked the sky.  I'm laughing sooo hard at this point, because he had this hurt (or was it disgust) look on his face, and now the other men are starting to feel bad. 

 But it's too late, she already had a seat.  Christine is starting to feel bad, apologizing to him, I was just talking. Please sit down. He says no no, I'm done with it. It's ok.  Maybe you had to be there to see it play out in order to appreciate it. But it was funny to me. 


Anonymous said...

Great insight into the Olympics! Aliann Pompey is fine!

Anonymous said...

Even though she didn't win, we are all proud of her. Go Guyana!! Always represent!

Anonymous said...

No such thing as chivalry these days. Where are the gentlemen? Make the men feel bad and give up their seats lol. I think maybe it is too muggy to stand?

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Very interesting and cool. I wish I was in Beijing too.

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now I know it..

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