Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tom Tolbert Disses D Wizzle's World - Thursday News and Notes - August 13

  • Many readers have mentioned  that Tom Tolbert of KNBR ripped on me today on his radio show. His listeners also did the same. Don't hate me Tom because YOU were the one that made the racial slur. Here at D Wizzle's World, we just report the facts and news.  A lot of readers said you should be fired and are very angry at you.  That is your fault.  You have lost a lot of fans.
  • Another reader said that Tolbert  immediately apologized  after he said his racial slur. If anyone has tape of that so called "apology" I would like to hear it. What constitutes an apology these days anyways?  I did not recall  or hear an apology at all. 
  • The Giants continue their losing ways by getting swept by  surging Astros. 
  • Barry Zito is on pace to lose 20 games. Do you really think the Giants will let him start another game after he loses #19 sometime next month?
  • 1B John Bowker got sent to the minors FINALLY.  This guy was great for two weeks and then got into a huge batting slump once teams knew how to pitch to him.  He could be another Lance Niekro, Damon Minor, and J.R. Phillips. Will Clark, he is not.
  • The Dodgers are really pushing Arizona in the NL West for first place. Arizona's strength is their two aces, Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. Adam Dunn will help this team offensively just as Manny Ramirez has for the Dodgers. Both are great home run hitters and terrible in the outfield.
  • Milwaukee has a good record in spite of Ned Yost. The Brewers' manager is one of the worst in the majors. How will he survive next year without prehaps  CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets? They are both free agents after this season.


Anonymous said...

Mr T is the shit, and you aint nothing but a lil punk wanna be big in the spot light!! and most of your interviews are fake and imagination in your own Dick Wizzle's world.

Anonymous said...

Dick Wizzle is five feet 2 and 120 pounds soaking wet. Mr. T is the big man. Don't worry Razor and Mr.T, we got yos back.

Anonymous said...

Any doofus can have a blog these days. That is the real problem here. Nothing wrong with Tolby saying chinaman. I do have a problem with Spain's racism and D Wizzle should have mentioned that instead of going off on Tolby. It's not like he said nigger or anything bad like that.

Anonymous said...

Chinaman = Nigger

Bay Legend said...

Tolbert's Trolls are all here. I guess he sent his army to defend the honor of the greatness of Tolbert. Get a life morons. The bay area legend tom tolbert rofl. He can't even hold shaq's jockstrap. Or Tood Fullers

Anonymous said...

Tom Tolbert might know about the NBA but he doesn't know jack about anything else. Does he know anything about college football, any team besides the giants in baseball, or Arizona basketball? This blog looks like a good sports site with heavy MMA stuff. Don't care for that MMA crap (boxing is the sweet science) but anything bay Area West coast I support. Tolbert might not be an expert but he and Razor can be entertaining and they have good interviews and ask the tough questions to Sabes. Just don't ask him about anything than NBA.

Anonymous said...

The reasons the Tolbert trolls bash D Wizzle is because they are defending his right to freedom of speech. All he did was make a mistake. Sure, saying the "C" word is wrong and racist. BUT I doubt Tolbert knew it was racist. I think he is just ignorant and there is a difference between being dumb and a racist. It is hard to be racist in San Francisco anyways since SF is mostly full of chinese in the richmond and sunset districts. We are the real minorities in the city!

Purvis Short said...

I hate Tolbert. I hated him as a player and he is worst as a nba announcer. I didn't even know he had his own radio show. HE was undersized and couldn't hit a jumper but kept on shooting anyways. Rebounder but that's it.

Anonymous said...

Dwizzle wants to suck Tolberts little cock

Anonymous said...

Tolbert got a complex problem and has to belittle a young and talented blogger. I found this blog thanks to Tolbert's rant yesterday. Does tolbert even have a blog? Does he even know how to write and read? Look at the big goof. He won't even wear a suit and tie for his espn broadcasts. D Wizzle I like your content. One request - it takes too long to load up your front page due to the pictures. Less filler and videos and more articles and interviews. Thanks.

- Sean

Anonymous said...


EffTolbert! said...


BOYCOTT HIS ASS and TANK his ratings!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, you're letting everybody see your oversensitive and scarred childhood trauma residuals which have driven you to respond to an "out of context" blurb made by a guy that probably has a cleaner bill of mental health as well as a better verbal track record than YOU!

but what the heck, that's what blogs are for, whiners that don't have any other way to relate (and wouldn't have the nads to confront anyone anyway).

nice whine, hope you've got a nice cheese and something else to go with it, D Wizzle.

Anonymous said...

D Wizzle? Really? Just another unemployed internet blogger living with his parents.

Anonymous said...

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