Sunday, December 8, 2013

Maurice Creek makes a game-winning jumper to beat Maryland 77-75

Maurice Creek of George Washington made a stepback jumper with only 0.6 seconds left in the game to help the Colonials beat Maryland 77-75 on Sunday afternoon at the Verizon Center.

Creek had 25 points to lead George Washington. Here is the video of  the game-winning shot from three different angles. Creek was a big time prospect for Indiana but never fulfilled his potential  due to injuries.


Anonymous said...

As a rabid Indiana University fan, I am extremely happy for MC.

He is a class act who deserves his new chance at GW.

Julie Short said...

I am a Hoosier, and I watched Maurice from day 1. What a class act that DESERVES to have a most fabulous final season!

All of 'Hoosier Nation' would want that for him! CONGRATS, MO!