Monday, March 10, 2008

Reader Mail

Here are some reader emails. Some of these emails have been edited for length or clarity.

Thanks a lot for the interview with Marlon Favorite. It is always good to hear about young black men doing well for themselves.
Shreveport, Louisiana

I hate Tila Tequila so much too. She is ugly, nasty, and has fake breasts. She can't sing, dance, or act. I am a sucker for reality television but I can't stand her show.
New York

I really love the UFC interviews you have. Could you have more of them?
San Jose, CA

Great videos of Rowand and the Giants! I felt like I was there due to the great footage!! Go Giants!

Fuck you and your stupid blog. You are an asshole and a bitch. A 10 year old can write better sentences than you.
(no hometown given)

I LOVE the HOWS!!! It is something I look forward to each week. Some better than others but I am picky.
Iowa City, Iowa

I think you have a very creative and interesting blog. Keep it up! Go Beavs!!
Pamela Goldman
Portland, Oregon

Erica Liu is one real sexy momma!!!
Just Blaze
Palo Alto, California

Nice blog. I came for the Barry Bonds videos. I could not find them anywhere else but here. Thank you so much!!
Sydney, Australia

If you want more traffic to your blog, put nude pictures of the hotties of the week!
Henderson, Nevada

How can you call yourself a Bay Area sports blog and don't have anything on the Oakland A's?
Lester M.
Castro Valley, CA

Tila Nguyen is a cunt. I hate Tila and her show. She needs to die. That is mean but yes, she needs to go away! No more ugly Asians on TV please!
Jessica W.
Mountain View, CA

I love the pictures and videos from the Emerald Bowl. I was there too and you have a great video camera!
Portland, Oregon

How come no one covers the Sharks around here?
San Jose, CA

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Tila's face look like an alien or something. Her silicone isn't all too bad looking but it all comes down to the face... i mean buttaface... but the face! i guess it's face down ass up or take a brown bag with that.