Monday, March 10, 2008

SF Giants Are Disrespecting Their Fans

Any Giants fan who renewed their season tickets for the 2008 season must be a gluten for punishment. This season hasn't even started yet as we are still in spring training, but the team is already showing many negative signs.

Injuries are mounting due to the veterans getting older, and the youngsters are underperforming as well.

The Giants are trying to trick the fans into thinking the team is full of hard-nosed gamers. They want you to believe that Kevin Frandsen and Daniel Ortmeier are hot young prospects who every team would covet. The reality is that if you want to see some real good young prospects who play hard, I suggest you check out the Oakland A's across the Bay.

Players such as first baseman Daric Burton and catcher Kurt Suzuki are top prospects who will play hard and have a lot of talent. GM Billy Beane is one of the best GMs in baseball and knows what he is doing by rebuilding with youngsters. The fans in the Easty Bay have great faith in him and their minor league clubs are stacked with potential superstars.

Can you say the same about GM Brian Sabean for the Giants? The Giants and Sabean are just deceiving the fans if they tell everyone that this team is better without Barry Bonds. Fans in San Francisco know how bad the offense was when Bonds was out of the lineup last year due to him taking a day off or having an injury. There won't be any difference this year.

Giants officials wished they had the All Star Game this year instead of last year. Barry Bonds was the main attraction in 2007 due to the home run chase. They also held their fans hostage by making fans purchase season tickets in order to be assured they would get All Star tickets. Many of the very same season ticket holders are now cancelling their season tickets. It appears that Aaron Rowand isn't the attraction and draw that Bonds was. Who would have believed that?

This team has the potential to lose 100 games. Every team in their division got better and improved during the offseason. Barry Zito is already rounding into regular season form. He gave up 8 runs today against the Royals and is now 0-3 this spring.

The Giants are having a horrible spring. They can't hit or pitch well enough to win games. Teams like the Yankees and Red Sox can lose every game during the exhibition season and no one would be worried. A weak team like the Giants need to win games in the spring in order to gain confidence and a winning attitude.

If Sabean was smart, he would have traded Noah Lowry last season. Lowry is now out until the end of April with an arm injury. He has absolutely no trade value at the moment. The Giants sure could have traded him to a team for a bat.

I suggest the Giants swallow their pride and resign Mr.Bonds. This would help their offense and also bring in fans to the ballpark. Unfortunately, I am not the GM or the owner of this downtrodden team. The best way for fans to show their displeasure will be by not attending games. Maybe after seeing many empty green seats will Peter Magowan realize what a big mistake he made in letting Bonds go and resigning Sabean to a contract extension.

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