Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NCAA Basketball Report and Bubble Watch

  • All the bubble teams are worried now because there have been many upsets in the conference tournaments.
  • There might be 3 teams from the West Coast Conference in the tourney. Gonzaga, San Diego, and St. Mary's will all be in the tourney.
  • Cleveland State and Middle Tennessee State could burst the bubble of many teams tonight if they upset the conference favorites Butler and Western Kentucky.
  • Florida, the two-time defending champs, will not make the tourney. They lost too many good players and have too many young and inconsistent players.
  • Texas A&M also will be out of the tournament. They don't deserve to be in it after losing to teams such as Nebraska at home.
  • William and Mary played three great games to make it to the CAA championship game against George Mason. They had nothing left against George Mason last night though and lost.
  • VCU should make it in but they are on the bubble.
  • Will South Alabama make it in? They were the favorites to win the Sun Belt championship but lost last night.
  • ESPN's Joe Lunardi had Western Kentucky as a bubble team that would be out. I totally disagreed with him and now Western Kentucky is one win away from the Big Dance. How could he say they were out when they were still alive in the Sun Belt tournament? Ridiculous!
  • Congrats to Siena for winning the MAAC tournament. Tay Fisher played great.
  • A host on Sporting News Radio this morning said that no one cares about these tournament games and that no one was watching Elon vs Davidson last night on ESPN or George Mason vs William and Mary. He said the only people watching were the parents of the kids playing. Why is this guy even on the radio hosting a sports show? I am 100% sure he can't even name one player on those teams. Get another job if you don't know your sports or care about NCAA basketball.

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