Friday, March 21, 2008

NCAA Tournament First Round Blog

  •  Best game so far has been Western Kentucky vs Drake. A lot of the so-called experts had Drake in the Sweet 16. How wrong they were!
  • West Virginia's Joe Alexander is a player. I didn't respect him much but after watching him more and more, I realize this kid is the real deal.
  • Connecticut is having trouble with San Diego right now. 
  • Arizona and Baylor did not belong in the tourney and that was proven last night.
  • Georgia's improbable late season run ended yesterday afternoon against Xavier. It would really be asking too much for them to beat a well-coached and talented Xavier team.
  • The so-called experts also predicted Kent to beat UNLV. UNLV played great defense and held Kent to only 10 points in the first half. 
  • Stanford had an easy game against Cornell while Marquette had to use up a lot of energy to beat Kentucky. This might be a factor tomorrow when they play.
  • The biggest surprise last night was Kansas State beating USC. I did not see that one coming. I also didn't expect Frank Martin to outcoach Tim Floyd.
  • Butler is having no trouble with South Alabama right now.
  • Georgetown is also cruising in their first round game.
  • I predict Siena and St Joseph's to upset Vandy and Oklahoma respectively tonight.
  • I have a feeling Boise State could give Louisville a scare as well. 

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