Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SF Giants Are Ready for 100 Losses in 2008

The San Francisco Giants embarked on their journey to 100 plus losses by losing to the Dodgers yesterday 5-0. Brad Penny and three relievers shut out the pathetic Giants.

Barry Zito got the loss and his fastball was in the low to mid 80s. The only thing high about Zito is his ERA which is 7.20 after the horrid outing. Zito says his arm is fine and he is not injured. Could Zito have been using steroids and other drugs with the A's?
He used to pitch in the high 80s before but now has no velocity at all. He only struck out one batter all game.

If Zito cannot beat the Fresno Grizzlies, there was no chance he would beat the Dodgers yesterday afternoon. Zito had a tough outing against the Giants Triple A squad last week. Some fans are probably thinking the Giants dumped the wrong Barry.

There was nothing likeable about the game if you were a Giants fan. The pathetic lineup could do nothing right. I wonder how Matt Cain feels as he will be pitching tonight. If he doesn't pitch a perfect game, he probably has no shot of winning tonight.

Don't feel sorry for these unwatchable losers though. Zito and Aaron Rowand got big contracts and the weak economy won't hurt them as much as it hurts the fans. The Giants think their fans are dumb if they continue to watch the worst team in baseball play. It seems the only winners this year are Barry Bonds and KTVU. Bonds doesn't have to carry this team on his back anymore and KTVU doesn't hold the TV rights to Giants games anymore.

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Trilla said...

zito is a fkin bust!!! the giants have no hope. I may have to actually start watching the dreaded A's.