Sunday, April 6, 2008

Giants vs Brewers Sunday In -Game Blog

  • It is currently 4-0 Brewers in the fifth inning. Gabe Kapler just hit a HR off Barry Zito.
  • Brian Bocock and Jose Castillo both have an error.
  • Ben Sheets, the Brewers starter, is pitching a great game. He has 8 Ks through five innings. The Giants are lucky to even put the ball in play.
  • The Giants started their "B" lineup today as outfielder Fred Lewis and catcher Steve Holm get starts.
  • Unfortunately for Zito, the Brewers started their "A" lineup and none of their primary starters got a day off.
  • Eugenio Velez is starting in right field for the Giants.
  • Ryan Braun just hit a HR off Zito. 5-0 now.
  • Zito has one K today which is his average per start. It is not easy to get hitters to swing and miss at 82mph fastballs in the majors.
  • If you told me the Giants would have a better record than the Tigers after five games, I would probably not believe you. The Tigers play tonight and should win their first game of the year with Justin Verlander on the mound.
  • Bill Hall just struck out again. Without him, Zito would have no Ks in this game.
  • Ben Sheets just ended the fifth inning by striking out. 3 Ks now for Zito.
  • Has anyone noticed how skinny Zito's arms are? I think my arms are bigger than his. Here is a video of Zito and Lou Seal at Macy's last year in Union Square.
  • The video was taken by me. Lou Seal stole the show in my opinion. I took a picture with him but didn't bother to meet Mr.Zito.
  • Aaron Rowand and Randy Winn are not in the lineup today. Rowand has a bruised rib cage and Winn is injured I believe as well.
  • Why didn't the Giants sign Kosuke Fukudome instead of Rowand? It would sure help bring some local Asian people to the ballpark and get them interested in the team. Hey, who's in charge of marketing for the Giants?
  • Zito's day is over as Brad Hennessey is now pitching. Hennessey will try to lower his 37.80 ERA today.
  • Zito's ERA is now 6.30. He went five innings and gave up three earned runs along with two homers. He threw 106 pitches.
  • We are going to the seventh inning now as Hennessey had a perfect sixth inning retiring all three batters he faced.
  • Tomorrow's starting pitchers for the Giants home opener against San Diego are Greg Maddux and Matt Cain. 
  • The Giants will end their road trip with a 1-5 record. Some bad teams start off the season well and give their fans false hope. The Giants couldn't even do that. The fans in the Bay Area deserve better.
  • Ned Yost, the Brewers manager, took a lot of heat in Milwaukee last season. He is lucky his team is off to such a good start. Yost made many terrible moves last year as manager and needs to learn from his mistakes or he will be replaced.
  • Dave Roberts took a called third strike in the first inning to start off the game. He takes a lot of called third strikes. It seems like one every game. Roberts isn't hitting and his defense is atrocious.
  • Sheets is still in the game. He has thrown 90 pitches through seven innings. I wonder if Yost will let him try for the shutout. He will start the top of the eighth inning.
  • 6-0 now as the Brew Crew added a run with a Braun double that scored Fielder.
  • The Brewers added another run in the 8th inning with a Braun single to make it 7-0.
  • Sheets gets the complete game as the Giants get swept. Total domination as expected by Sheets today.

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