Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Olympic Torch Controversy Is Much Ado About Nothing

It seems like everyone is in a uproar over the Olympic Torch and the Olympics coming to China in August. The protestors are cowards and haters. They are using the Olympic Torch as a reason to act like animals and start drama and chaos all over the world. The politicians all over the world are conveniently using this controversy to advance their own political agendas.

Does Hilary Clinton really care about human rights and the Chinese? She cares about that as much as the government and politicians cared about the mostly black victims of Hurricane Katrina. All the politicians have an agenda and they are clearly using this controversy to get attention and make them look good.

San Francisco is filled with many Chinese people all over this great city. I run across them everywhere I go. I went out to the streets this week and I asked many of them their opinions and views on this whole mess.

Every single person that I interviewed was very proud that the Olympics were going to be held in Beijing this year. Some folks told me they were also very angry at the Tibet protestors for trying to ruin the Olympics. Here are some comments and views from some of the interviewees. The majority of the people interviewed for this article was Asian.

"I am very proud of China and it will be great to show everyone in the world how great our country is but I am concerned about our image due to the violent protestors from Tibet."

- Wan Lum, 73

"Chris Daly is a disgrace and all he is doing is insulting his Chinese constiutents by trying to embarass China. He is full of bullshit and I am glad he is not my supervisor. "

- Johnny, 27

"The Olympics is about peace and athletics and not about politics and war. I wanted to go to Beijing this summer and be a translator but they had too many applications. It would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity! I will enjoy the Games at home with my family."

- Betty Wong, age not given

"I am disgusted by all the stupid protestors and idiots out here protesting. These politicians do not represent the views of the Chinese Americans living in the United States. If I go to the torch run and encounter any protestors, I will scream at them to shut up!

- Cindy, 16

"Where did all these protestors come from? I didn't know Tibet had so many people all over the world. I see the Caucasians rioting too. These Caucasians don't care about them. They just want attention. You don't see any black people protesting."

- Lou, 40

Our men are dying in Iraq and we are at war. Now we want to pick a fight with China? No, this can't be. All I care about is watching the men take the gold in basketball!

- Rod, 26

The protestors should go to the NBC headquarters and protest there. How about protesting all the advertisers who signed up for ads to be placed during the Olympic broadcasts? Would that accomplish anything?
I guess we won't see 50 Cent yell out "Free Tibet" anytime soon during a rap concert or Kobe Bryant and LeBron James boycotting the Olympic Games. Now that would be something woudln't it?

China is becoming a world superpower and the haters just don't like it and are scared. Well, they should be because nothing they do will stop the Olympic Games from happening this summer. The other countries in the world can state their views but how many will really boycott the Games? How fair would that be for all the athletes who have trained their whole lives to compete in the Olympics?

I doubt President Bush will boycott the Opening Ceremony just because Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi advised him to. This is Bush's last hurrah before he is out of the White House and he is going to enjoy every benefit of being in power. Attending the Opening Ceremony and visiting beautiful China is one of those benefits. The chances of him not showing up are slim to none.

Clinton cares about the rights of the Chinese as much as she cares about black people. She will care if it helps her advance her political career. Personally, she probably doesn't give a damn. She has stated that she would leave the church if her pastor made controversial remarks like Rev.Wright did in his sermons. Well Hilary, you would never even walk into a black church anyways so that is a moot point. It is common for black churches to be loud and the sermons to be passionate, fiery, and very controversial. Rev.Wright did nothing wrong and out of the ordinary in his sermons and most black people don't even understand why some people along with the racist media is up in arms.

Chinese people in America have been held back for a long time by racism. Does anyone care about that? What about all the injustices done to Chinese Americans in the United States? Why stop at human rights violations in another country when we can't even control things over here?

In China, the government controls the media. I feel some type of group should control the media in America as well. There is so much racist and biased journalism in every newspaper across the country and on radio airwaves and TV networks.

Most of the media in this country are white and they are very prejudice against other races and cultures. This shows in their reporting of events and stories.

Look at how the white columnists are bashing China. How about the white journalists who bashed football player Sean Taylor after he got murdered by attempted robbers? These are the same writers who talked negatively about rapper Juvenile after his daughter got murdered. The AP press article included coverage about his past arrests. What did that have to do with the murder of his child? When Taylor died, all the white journalists and columnists wrote that Taylor was a product of his environment and how he was a thug and hung around criminals. They reported about how he spit on another player and other past transgressions. The man died and this is what the racist media writes about?

Did anyone boycott and protest the movie "21" due to white actors portraying Asians in the movie? Did anyone care that the movie is based on Asian gamblers playing and winning at blackjack but Hollywood decided to go with Kevin Spacey and other white actors to play the Asians? Talk about injustices!

How about Hollywood refusing to let an Asian male be the good guy in a movie? How many writers and directors had to change their script and make the leading white male the good guy and the leading Asian male character a bad guy? If this was not done, the movie companies would not give the directors the money to make the movie.

What's next? Tila Tequila joining the protestors and going on MTV to tell everyone how bad China is? The protestors are just as much of a disgrace as Tila is.

All the politicians and protestors are doing is spewing their propaganda to anyone that would listen and advancing their own agendas. The Olympics should not be political but they are being used to further the gain of both the politicians and protestors.

I can't wait for the Olympics to start. There will be many great athletic accomplishments along with a lot of human interest stories. I rather read and watch about those stories than hear another politician pretend to care about Chinese people or other minorities ever again.


Anonymous said...

Great article!!!! You hit all the right points my friend! You will get bashed though so be warned buddy but no one ever said the truth didn't hurt!

Anonymous said...

Great article!!!! You hit all the right points my friend! You will get bashed though so be warned buddy but no one ever said the truth didn't hurt!

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This is scary reading. WOW. Makes you think

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You a a racist nigger fuck you

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Richard Gere is a douche!

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Thank you for writing this article. You seem very educated and did your homework for this topic. Right or wrong, you stated your facts and did your job.

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well done! keep up the good work! Go Olympics! fuck politics!

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Right on my brother!