Saturday, August 11, 2007

Barry Zito is Garrrrrrrrrrbage

Barry Zito is the new Armando Benetiz to Giants fans. Giants fans are sick of him. Luckily for Zito, his last two pathetic home starts have been overshadowed by the other Barry on the team hitting home runs.. There was not even one mention of Zito's poor pitching performances the next day in the local papers. Zito should be very thankful that Bonds is on the team. Is Zito trying to be the Home Run King? I'm talking about giving up home runs not hitting them. He gave up 3 homers in his last start to the Nationals and if he keeps on doing that, he could earn the moniker of "Home Run King." As I walk around the ballpark and talk to fans, their biggest gripe is with Zito. I was sitting in the club level watching the game on the flat screen television as a concession stand cook walks by and looks up at the television. He screams out "Zito is garrrrrrrbage" to me as I laugh and nod my head in total agreement. The next inning I walk down to the lower level behind home plate as Zito gave up another homer. The fans got so angry they were spilling their beer while shaking their heads and yelling obscenities at the same time at Zito. The majority of fans do not like him but will have to deal with him for the next six years.

Any Zito apologist would try to defend him by saying he only gave up one run to the Dodgers last week and how he is coming around. Giving up one run to the Dodgers doesn't sound that great though when the Dodgers recently were held to ZERO runs in 3 consecutive games! Even the Giants can score a few runs from time to time without being shutout like that. When the Nationals came back and tied up the game last Tuesday, one fan said the only good thing about that was that Zito would not get a win since he didn't deserve it. Fans are truly disgusted by Zito's pitching all season.

Many fans are saying that Zito probably cares more about playing his guitar and learning about photography than actually trying to fix his pitching mechanics. You won't get an argument from me. When he is not shooting pictures or playing musical instruments, he is probably out looking for Marina chicks to date. This guy is truly pathetic. D Wizzle believes that the money has gotten to Zito's head and he is not as motivated as he was last year. The media refuses to state that possibility and also refuses to criticize him because Zito is such a great guy. He is a true friend of the media and always accomodating. Basically, he is the antithesis of Bonds when it comes to dealing with the press.

With his 83 mph fastball and a curveball that he cannot get command of, hitters are lining up to face Zito with pure ecstasy. They have no fear of him whatsoever. Batters can crowd the plate and not worry about a 98 mph fastball aimed at their head. Glenn Dickey, the San Francisco Examiner columnist, said that Zito is the worst free agent signing of all time and he may be right considering all the money the Giants are paying him. Billy Beane was smart in letting him walk away while the Mets GM, Omar Minaya, looks like a genius for refusing to trade OF Lastings Milledge to the A's last summer for Zito. Minaya also refused to kowtow to Scott Boras when Boras demanded a high salary for Zito.

Unfortunately for Giants fans, Brian Sabean took the bait and signed the pathetic pitcher for $126 million. The deal looks worst each time Zito is on the mound and when another 2006 free agent lefty, Ted Lilly, is getting paid $40 million and is 14-5 for the Cubs. Giants fans will continue to stay frustrated as Boras and Zito continue to laugh straight to the bank.


Anonymous said...

Brown Bag it! It's getting that ugly! I feel Zito is getting way worse than Benetiz ... he is a starter and the highest paid pitcher ... the biggest bust in all of Baseball. Boo on the Giants for picking up the A's garbage!

D Wizzle said...

Preaching to the choir!!!! amen!