Tuesday, August 7, 2007

D Wizzle Wonders...

  • What happens if Michael Vick is found innocent of all charges?
  • When will Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell sign with their respective teams?
  • How big of a celebration do the Giants have planned right after Barry Bonds hits his 756th homer?
  • Why does it seem that people place dogs above human beings?
  • Where are all the Yankees haters now that they are only six games back of Boston?
  • Why is the media upset or surprise when Giants fans leave the ballpark immediately after Bonds leaves the game?
  • Why do fans in Milwaukee think Bud Selig is such a great commissioner when he is the one that has presided over the steroids era?
  • Why does Bud Selig even show up to watch Bonds when all he does is look like a man who is attending a funeral instead of a baseball game?
  • Why did the Tigers not make a trade to bolster their weak bullpen?

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