Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thursday Sports Update and Analysis

With Kevin Garnett's trade to the Celtics, the Celtics are now one of the top contenders in the East. Kobe Bryant must be angry that GM Mitch Kupchuk did not get Garnett for the Lakers.
GMs Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge are friends from their days as Celtics so working out a blockbuster trade between their respective teams was no surprise.

The Tigers have been struggling of late and if I was a TIgers fan, I would be worried. Gary Sheffield has struggled of late and their bullpen is terrible. Fernando Rodney could be back soon but still, this bullpen stinks. Macey Mcbride? Bobby Seay? Zach Minor and Jason Grilli? Why didn't they make a trade for a reliever before the deadline? If Cleveland can get its act together, they will win the Central.

The Yankees keep winning. Everyone was saying they were down and out a few months ago but not D Wizzle. This is a long season and a marathon and not a sprint. They are only 7 games back of the Red Sox after tonight.

Barry Zito pitches tonight as the Giants face the Dodgers. Zito has a lot of friends in LA so he will want to pitch well. I wonder if his ex girlfriend Alyssa MIlano will be at the game?

Matt Morris is now the highest paid Pirate in its history. Yes, read that one more time. He is making more money than Barry Bonds or Jason Bay ever made as a Pirate. Parents, let your sons grow up to be pitchers!!

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