Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on Haters and New Hottie of the Week and More

D Wizzle is back and today I will address the haters who have been sending me messages to me. First off, I am not your father's journalist. This is journalism at its best right here. I get messages from old and grumpy men who don't like the way I write or don't like my videos or pictures. If you don't like it, there is no need for you to continue to come to this website just to criticize. They call me a "punk kid" and other idiotic comments. I brush off these comments like Oral-B. Keep bringing the hate because I know success breeds jealousy and contempt.

There was no Hottie of the Week (HOW) last week so this week I will try to have at least 2 HOWs. Look out for that later this week!! In the meantime, check out the Barry Bonds Day pictures and videos and more.


Anonymous said...

AMEN to that! and you know I know about HATERZ on this site! thanks being there for me :D

D Wizzle said...

No problem!! I got your back!!

Haters are faceless cowards who are jealous of others and motivates people like me to work harder to be successful.