Sunday, September 16, 2007

NFL Week 2 Preview and Picks

Buffalo vs Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh will win this one convincingly as the Bills are not mentally prepared for the game. Their minds were on their fallen teammate, Kevin Everett, throughout the week. Big Ben will have another solid game. The Bills lost 3 starters on defense last week which won't help matters at all.

Cincinnati vs Cleveland
The Bengals will win this one. Romeo Crennel is on the hot seat for the Browns. The Browns need to play Brady Quinn soon. Chad Johnson should get a TD or two this week and Carson Palmer will have another great game.

Indianapolis vs Tennessee
The Colts will win with offense AND defense. Their defense held the Saints to only 10 points last week and the Titans are not an offensive juggarnaut by any means. Vince Young will have trouble getting anything going offensively this afternoon.

Houston vs Carolina
This could be a tougher game than expected for the Panthers but they should come out on the winning side at the end. The match-up of Steve Smith vs Dunta Robinson should be a good one. Robinson is slowly becoming one of the top CBs in the AFC, but no one can really stop Smith for four quarters. Let's see how Matt Schuab plays on the road.

San Francisco vs St Louis
The 49ers will win this one in an upset. Frank Gore will get 2 TDs and Vernon Davis should play better than he did last week. Tully Banta-Cain will get a few sacks today as well on Marc Bulger.

Kansas City vs Chicago
Rex Grossman better have a good game this afternoon at home. The Chiefs are going nowhere this season and Larry Johnson won't be going anywhere today. The Bears have a great defense and if they can hold L.T. to 25 yards, they can stop Johnson as well. The Bears will win big.

Dallas vs Miami
Dallas should win this one but Miami always plays great at home in September. This could be a high-scoring game. Dallas can put up points and their defense can give up points as well. I'm not calling for the upset but this game could be close going to the 4th quarter.

San Diego vs New England
This is a rematch of last season's AFC championship game. I will give the edge to the Chargers and L.T. tonight. They have revenge on their side and the distractions from the video scandal will affect the Patriots.

New Orleans vs Tampa Bay
The Saints will destroy the Bucs today as Drew Brees and Reggie Bush both bounce back from their horrible performances in Week 1. The Bucs are going to be one of the worst teams in the league this year.

Green Bay vs New York
I like Green Bay in this one with their defense. Manning is not 100% healthy.

Minnesota vs Detroit
Lions win big in this one. Jon Kitna is looking very impressive so far this season.

New York vs Baltimore
Ravens win with defense today.

Atlanta vs Jacksonville
Jaguars by 20 in this one. The Falcons are as bad as the Bucs.

Seattle vs Arizona
Arizona will win with the upset at home.

Oakland vs Denver
Denver will destroy the Raiders as Jay Cutler shows everyone who was the best quarterback in last year's draft.

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