Monday, February 11, 2008

NFL Draft Prospect Jerome Felton Interview

D Wizzle is back with another exclusive interview. This time it is with former Furman fullback and NFL draft prospect, Jerome Felton. Felton was one of the best rushers in the Southern Conference the last four years and left as the leading scorer in school history with 414 points. He also had 63 touchdowns in his career. Felton's stock in the draft is rising as he impressed scouts at the East-West Shrine Game in Houston a few weeks ago. He was invited to the NFL Combine which will be held later this month in Indianapolis.

How's it going Jerome? How is everything with you?

I'm doing good... just out here in LA getting ready for the Combine. It's an exciting time in my life so I'm just trying to enjoy it.

Where are you training at currently and who are you training with?

I'm training in LA with Travelle Gaines (trainer at 360 Sports Performance). I'm training with Heath Benedict, Jameel Mcclain, Ezra Butler, Chevis Jackson, and several others.

How many hours a day do you train? Can you tell me what kind of training you are doing in preparing for the combine?

We train two sessions for about an hour and a half. We also do a pool workout, yoga, and hip flexibility work. Our workouts are based around increasing speed and explosion.

Did you enjoy the whole Shrine experience and did you get a chance to visit with the kids in the hospital?

Yea, I had a real good time down at the Shrine game. It was fun being around all the guys, working hard, and trying to get to our ultimate goal which is playing in the NFL. The best part of the week was seeing the kids and getting to hang out with them at the Shriners Hospital. It was amazing seeing them and the smiles they had when they saw us. It's something I'll never forget, because we had so much of a positive impact on them, and them on us.

What do you think you will miss most about playing at Furman?

I'll miss playing with my boys down there like Ced Gipson, David Menocal, Joe Watson, and others.

You have a lot of skills that any NFL would want in a back because you can block, catch passes, and run the ball effectively. Which part of your game do you think you need to work on?

I feel that my game translates to the next level, but I just want to continue to work on technique with my blocking, and footwork running the ball. You can always get better so I'm going to work hard and continue to improve my game.

A lot of guys from small schools have chips on their shoulders and feel that need to prove they belong when they enter the NFL. Do you feel this way too?

I definitely play with a chip on my shoulder. Ifeel like I have something to prove everytime I step out on the field. Coming from a smaller school, you're always gonna have people saying that someone is better than you or you don't face the same competition, which is true so it drives me. I know that there are a lot of players in my division that could play anywhere and I feel the same way.

How do you like California so far and do you think you can adjust to living here if you get drafted by the 49ers, Raiders, or Chargers?

I love it up here, and I would be happy if I get drafted by any of those teams.

What is sweeter? Running into the end zone for a TD or making a nice lead block to help the running back get a big gain?

That's a hard question. I like them both the same but just in different ways.

Do you pattern your play after any other player?

I am a big Jerome Bettis fan so I tried to pick up my running style a little from him.

Rookies often play on special teams. What do you think about playing on special teams?

If you want to play in the NFL you have to be a player that can be versatile and contribute on special teams, and I know that is something that I will have to do so I look forward to making an impact on special teams.

We both like the music of Young Jeezy. What is your favorite Jeezy song and why?

Let's Get It/Sky's The Limit...."If you can think it, you can do it."

One of your favorite TV shows is 24 which is a very popular show with athletes. Which character on that show are you most like and why?

I don't think I am like any of the characters but I'm a big Jack Bauer fan.

Thanks to Jerome Felton for the interview. Watch out for him in the NFL Draft as he will be a big asset to the team that drafts him.


TL from AZ said...

never heard of him be4 but he could be good who knows man.

Anonymous said...

Where is Furman?? If he plays like Bettis than he would be a hall of famer. seems like he got the same frame

Charlotte 5 said...

Is he rellated to Raymond

Anonymous said...

I would love to see him in a Raiders uniform. He sounds like a hardworking guy who can play with the big boys.


Anonymous said...

I seen Felton play at Furman... kid is a stud... Go Paladins!

Jackie O said...

My man is raw and he going to tear it up!!!!

Tapupartforpres said...

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Anonymous said...

:) Jerome Felton played college football at Furman University in Greenville,S.C. He broke the all-time scoring record at Furman and was a tremendous blocker.Jerome has the size, savvy, Intelligence, and heart to compete/play with the "Big Dogs"!P.S.___ Plus,he's a great person. ... Posted Friday, Sept.19,2008 :)