Thursday, February 14, 2008

SF Giants Special Clubhouse Event Report

The San Francisco Giants held a private clubhouse event for about 200 of their richest season ticket holders last Friday evening. Here are some tidbits and news from the event. Along with some of the fans, Giants co-owner Sue Burns and her daughter were present as well.
  • Jon Miller was the host of the event.
  • New first base coach Roberto Kelly, new batting coach Carney Lansford, infielders Kevin Frandsen and Dan Ortmeier, and outfielder Aaron Rowand were present.
  • Frandsen talked to Robby Thompson in the offseason about the finer points of playing second base.
  • Frandsen said he was a pitcher growing up.
  • He batted .370 in September thanks to increased starts and playing time. Never got used to being a utility player since he was a starter all his life.
  • Rowand and Frandsen act like they are best buddies already. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry problems.
  • Frandsen likes playing third base and has played it all his life. He said you don't have to think playing that position.
  • Frandsen and Ortmeier love playing ping pong with each other.
  • Rowand shattered his nose, nasal cavity, cheekbone, and orbital bone... Needed two surgeries after his crash in the outfield at Citizens Bank Park two years ago.
  • Doesn't matter what spot in the lineup he is hitting... it does not dictate what he will try to do... the situation dictates what he will try to do at the plate.
  • A cute boy asked Rowand how many homers he will hit. The boy gave hi-fives to Frandsen and Rowand and the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to the kid (video is on this site).
  • Frandsen said it will be fun this season.
  • Wants to "play as dirty as possible."
  • Rowand's goal is to have fun this year.
  • Says it doesn't matter how much money you make or if you are a rookie, everyone will be equal.
  • They all signed autographs and took pictures with fans after the event.

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