Friday, February 8, 2008

Warriors Fall To The Bulls 114-108 (With Pics)

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The Warriors fell to the Bulls last night 114-108 at Oracle Arena. Chris Duhon had a career-high 34 points to lead the Bulls to the upset victory. Monta Ellis led the Warriors with 25 points.

The Warriors got off to a bad start and trailed 32-23 after the first quarter. Chris Webber made his debut this season and played 12 minutes. He had four points and one rebound. To no one's suprise, Webber looked out of shape and had trouble running the floor.

Joe Smith and Tyrus Thomas had their way with the Warriors for much of the night. If the Warriors can't handle Smith and Thomas in the frontcourt, what will happen when they face Shaq and Amare Stoudemire next week?

Don Nelson should have put in Al Harrington during crunch time in the fourth quarter but he sat him on the bench instead. The Warriors needed scoring and that is what Harrington can provide. Harrington ended the night with 20 points in only 26 minutes. Nelson's reason for not playing Harrington was because he was upset with his defense and rebounding.

Why did the Warriors lose to a Bulls team playing without Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, and Kirk Hinrich? Those three players were all injured and sat on the bench laughing and smiling the whole evening. The Warriors had five days off before the game and that is the reason why they were flat the whole night. Another reason was because they let their guard down after finding out that three of Chicago's best players were out.

If the Warriors don't make it into the playoffs, they can look at this game and the loss to Minnesota on MLK Day at home as some of the reasons they didn't make it.

The Warriors play their next game at home against Sacramento while the Bulls finish off their long road trip at Utah on Saturday night.

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