Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Giants Are Truly Pathetic

A columnist for the local San Francisco paper said the Giants are entertaining and "must-see television."

The columnist is old and fat and probably has nothing else to do than watch this sorry team lose day after day. There is nothing "must-see" about this team.

Nothing thrilled me more than going to the ballpark to watch the great Barry Bonds take an at-bat. Bathrooms and concession-stand lines were empty when Bonds was coming to the plate. It just isn't the same when Fred Lewis and Dan Ortmeier is up at the plate taking their hacks.

The 2008 Giants are not a fun team to watch and are very boring. Sure, I am tuned in to every Barry Zito start, but it is for all the wrong reasons.

I pay attention to Zito's starts because I enjoy watching him have no command of his pitches and lose game after game. Zito makes it interesting and even when he pitches a decent game statistically like he did tonight, he still loses. He actually lowered his ERA tonight to 6.25.

If Bruce Bochy continues to send him out there every fifth day, there is a good chance he could lose 20 games this year. I never thought Zito was a likable guy, even though the local media portrays him as a cool dude who works hard.

Zito's attitude and the way he talks after losing makes me think he doesn't care as much as he should. Win or lose, he will collect his hefty paycheck every two weeks from the Giants.

The Giants don't have a good manager or a good team. Their GM, Brian Sabean, is one of the worst GMs in all of baseball. The only people who compliment Sabean are other GMs. They don't want Giants management to fire him so they can make more deals with Sabean and steal more quality players from the Giants organization.

Omar Vizquel is fun to watch when he is playing shortstop, and Tim Lincecum is one of the most exciting pitchers in baseball. Besides these two players, I don't really care about the rest of the team.

I miss Bonds a lot, but I also miss Pedro Feliz. After watching Bochy manage for over a year, I even miss Felipe Alou.

Aaron Rowand may be a gamer, but I don't find him likable at all. He is an average player at best. I used to be a fan of Rich Aurilia when he hit 37 homers in 2001, but that was seven years ago.

Bengie Molina tries his best and has my respect, but he is not a cleanup hitter on any other team. Matt Cain is a solid pitcher, but he never gets any run support and clearly is frustrated by the lack of offense every time he is on the mound.

This team can't hit with runners in scoring position and are never able to get the key hit they need in order to win games. Bochy always seems to make the wrong decisions and doesn't know when to take out his pitcher or keep him in.

Mike Krukow, the Giants' announcer, is the ultimate homer and can be quite annoying. After an out by Vizquel, Krukow chimed in with "that was a great at bat" before they headed to commercials. Tonight, he insisted that the home plate umpire was squeezing Zito and not calling strikes. Krukow has excuses for everything and always remains positive.

The Giants have a good chance to be contenders this season. They are contending for last place and have an excellent chance to lose 100 or more games. There is nothing "must-see" about this team.

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