Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GIants News and Notes for July 2.2008

* The Giants are only five games back of first place Arizona. GM Brian Sabean should make some moves now to bolster their offense.
* It would be tough for any team to beat the Giants in a playoff series. Who wants to face Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, and Jonathan Sanchez in a short series?
* It was nice to see reliever Billy Sadler move back down to Fresno. Sadler does not have enough command to pitch in the majors. He cost the team many games in his short stint up in San Francisco.
* You would think that Barry Zito has enough money to get a much needed haircut. The messy grunge look is not in style.
* Brett Myers of the Phillies and Dontrelle Willis of the Tigers were both sent down to the minors to work on their game. Why won't the Giants do the same with Zito? Giants front office is basically clueless at times. Myers and Willis were considered some of the best pitchers in the NL just a few years ago. If they can swallow their pride and try to improve their game in the minors, why can't Zito?
* If Zito was not pitching every fifth day, the Giants would be in first place.
* Giants should sign Barry Bonds but due to collusion by the owners and MLB's front office, he is not being pursued by any team.
* Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson should make the All Star team but I don't think Bengie Molina will get in.
* The reason Zito pitched so well against the Indians last week was because the Indians don't hit lefties well, and have the worst offense in the league. Zito helped himself by not walking many batters that night too.
* Giants have called up two relievers from their Double A team in the last week. This tells you what they think of their Triple A pitchers.

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