Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rampage Loses Belt In Controversial Loss To Griffin At UFC 86

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson lost his UFC light heavyweight title Saturday night to challenger Forrest Griffin at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. Griffin won by unanimous decision much to the shock and dismay of MMA fans.

The decision by the judges to award the win to Griffin was very controversial and unfair. Rampage did enough to win the fight and I had him winning at least three of the five rounds. Griffin won the second round and prehaps you could give him the last round.

Griffin had Jackson in full mount in the second round and could not even do much damage and end the fight.

Some fans on Internet message boards are so angry about the controversial decision that they have promised to never buy another UFC pay-per-view ever again.

You can't blame fans if they think the fix was in. Dana White would love nothing more than to have the first winner of The Ultimate Fighter become champion. He got his wish Saturday night.

The crowd reaction in the arena for each fighter was basically split along racial lines. There were more white fans in the arena so Griffin got the loudest cheers and Rampage got the loudest boos. C-list celebrity Mandy Moore was seen on the pay-per-view broadcast rooting wildly for Griffin.

Griffin looked surprised that he had won after the decision was announced. He had a sheepish smile on his face as he was being interviewed by UFC commentator, Joe Rogan.

The judges need to be investigated as they have as much credibility now as NBA referees. Dana White is acting like David Stern and Vince McMahon rolled into one.

If Griffin had lost, he would not have complained at all. Griffin's fans may have had a legitimate gripe when Griffin lost to Tito Ortiz by decision a few years ago, but they cannot honestly say that he got the better of Rampage last night.

There will probably be a rematch and rightfully so. Jackson said he may have had some cage rust due to not having fought in nine months.

Griffin did not deserve the victory at all and this match has put a cloud of suspicion over the UFC and Dana White.

I think it was during round three or four that Rogan said on the broadcast that Griffin was clearly winning the fight.

I should have realized something fishy was going on after Rogan's surprising comment.

Controversy sells and a rematch between the two fighters would make the UFC a lot of money. Unfortunately for the UFC, many fans are pissed off and refuse to pay for another UFC event ever again.

You can count me as one of those fans.


Anonymous said...

Why make this sound like a racial issue, I'm positive there were people of all different types of racial backgrounds cheering for either fighter they are a fan of. Please don't make this something it's not. Rampage got beat it happens no one is perfect. Rampage even said he got his ass whooped and forrest deserved it. You have no proof that there was any fix.In conclusion please stfu or at the very least know what the fuck you are talking about before opening your mouth

Anonymous said...

I watched the fight and was shocked and dismayed by the unanimous decision as well.
I don't agree it was a racist issue but I do think it maybe an issue of market ability. Griffin is a better poster boy for the UFC and brings more fans.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first poster. Stop making it a racist issue. Forrest dominated the whole fight and kicked that niggers ass all the way back to Africa.

Anonymous said...

fuck you asshole. you're the one that is racist. I am a cracker and I like both fighters.

Saul said...

There is always going to be racism and conspiracy theorys with sports. You might be right about a lot of what you said or you could be completely wrong. Only god knows. BUT what you said is food for thought. I enjoy reading your articles.