Sunday, August 10, 2008

UFC 87: "Seek and Destroy" Review

UFC 87 was held in Minnesota last Saturday night as Georges St. Pierre outskilled and overwhelmed  challenger Jon Fitch to retain the UFC welterweight title.

GSP won by unanimous decision over Fitch in their five-round battle. GSP was very dominant throughout the whole fight and left no doubt as to who the winner was.

Another impressive fighter that night was Minnesota's own Brock Lesnar. Lesnar dismantled Heath Herring for three rounds to win by unanimous decision. All three rounds played out the same way as Lesnar would get Herring on the ground and just pummel him repeatedly with punches and knees.

The other three winners on the main card were Kenny Florian, Robert Emerson, and Demian Maia.

Florian fought a smart fight against Roger Huerta to win by unanimous decision. Florian is in line to get a shot for the lightweight title in the future with this win.

This fight was exciting and one of the more competitive fights of the night even though the judges' scores (all three judges scored it 30-27 in favor of Florian) did not reflect that.

This UFC show was one of the best shows I have seen by them in a long time. Their shows lately have been boring and lackadaisical but I can't say that about UFC 87.

GSP put on a clinic in defeating Fitch in every which way possible. He proved that he is the best welterweight fighter in the world, and on  a whole different level than any other fighter.

Robert Emerson's quick knockout of Manvel Gamburyan was entertaining, and Maia showed great ground skills in defeating Jason McDonald.

Lesnar proved to be a beast and a threat to everyone in the UFC's heavyweight division. He is so much bigger than most of the heavyweights, and if he takes his opponent down, there is almost no way they can get back up due to Lesnar's size advantage and strength.

Lesnar made Herring look small and Herring is about 6'4 and 250 pounds.

Overall, this was a decent show put on by the UFC. I can't find too many faults, but I wonder why the Maia vs. McDonald match was the first fight on the pay-per-view.

The fans don't care about these two guys. The fight may have been good but the fans still aren't too excited about these two fighters. Fans don't know much about them or think they are true contenders for the middleweight title.

Since three of the fights went to a decision, we did not get a chance to see any prelim fight but one.

The UFC showed the Cheick Kongo beatdown of Dan Evensen right before Lesnar's match.

What fans will remember most about UFC 87 was GSP's dominant victory over Fitch, and B.J. Penn storming the cage after the main event to challenge GSP to a match.

If UFC president Dana White and matchmaker Joe Silva decide not to put this fight together yet, they can have Florian challenge Penn, and Thiago Alves challenge GSP to title matches.

UFC's next pay-per-view show will be on September 6 in Atlanta when Chuck Liddell takes on Rashad Evans in the main event.


Ross said...

GSP killed Fitch and showed everyone why he is the greatest pound for pound fighter in MMA. I can't wait for Chuck vs Evans next month.

Anonymous said...

wtf! why all the decisions! can't any UFC fighters finish their fights?!!

Anonymous said...

because it is tough to knock out bad assses like Hearing and Huerta. These guys aren't guys off the street who can just be taken down and beaten. They got hearts of champions and a dont quit attitude. Just like Fitch too. This is why there were not so many knockouts like u want.sorry u were so disappointed but i had a good time.

Anonymous said...

nice review ... I was impressed with Brock and GSP too. The REAL GSP showed up on Saturday and not the phony one that lost to Serra last year.

Anonymous said...

Fitch never gave up though and even though he lost, he showed a lot of class. Plus his hot asian wife looked good that night ha ha

Anonymous said...

What hot asian wife? I didn't see his wife on tv.

Anonymous said...

They showed her on the UFC 87 preview show last week. She is not his wife but his girlfriend and she is not hot. She looks like a typical asian girl.

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.