Sunday, September 28, 2008

D Wizzle's Week 4 NFL Predictions

49ers over Saints: The Saints have too many injuries to contend with the explosive 49ers offense. Without Marques Colston, Jeremy Shockey, and Jamar Nesbit, the Saints don't have a chance.
Look for Vernon Davis to have a career game today.

Titans over Vikings: Titans are too good on defense for the Vikings and Gus Ferrotte. Look for a lot of turnovers from the Vikings.

Browns over Bengals: Carson Palmer has an injured elbow and we might see his backup Ryan Fitzpatrick today. I'll take the Browns here with a healthy Derek Anderson.

Chargers over Raiders: This will be a big blowout. Too many injuries on  the Raiders defense will make this a laugher by halftime. 

Panthers over Falcons: Michael Turner played great against the lowly Lions and Chiefs, but he will have a tough time today against the Panthers.  The Panthers win and go 3-1.

Cowboys over Redskins: This could be a closer game than most people think but the Cowboys are at home and will prevail.

Bills over Rams: The Bills won't suffer a letdown against the lowly Rams. The Rams might fire their coach after this game. The player don't like Scott Linehan and might not give their best effort in order to get him fired today.

Steelers over Ravens: This game will be very low-scoring and I'll take the home team.

Bucs over Packers: The Bucs are coming off a big win over Chicago and the  Packers are coming off a tough loss to Dallas.  I'll take the home team here again. The Packers won't get used to the humidity in  Florida.

Broncos over Chiefs: The Broncos are too good to lose to a 0-3 Chiefs team. The media is saying the Broncos D is bad but I think they are better than most people think.  They played the two top passing offenses in the NFL the last two weeks and that is why their defensive stats are poor. The numbers will improve after this game.

Jaguars over Texans: The Jags might have Jerry Porter for this game and the Texans might bench QB Matt Schaub if he plays poorly in the first half.

Bears over Eagles: The Bears D will show up today and shut down the Eagles offense. 

Cardinals over Jets: This is the toughest game for me to pick this week. This game is so hard to call but I will take the road team here. The Jets played a tough Monday night game against the Chargers and had a short week. The Cardinals played in the East Coast last week and stayed there all week this week to prepare for the Jets. 

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