Friday, September 5, 2008

A Look At The San Francisco 49ers 2008 Schedule

It is imperative that the 49ers get off to a good start or Mike Nolan could be out of a job.
With that being said, the schedule doesn't bold well for a successful season at all.

The 49ers must win their season opener at home against Arizona or face a strong possibility of going 0-2 since they face Seattle on the road in Week 2.

It is never easy to win in Seattle and it will be even harder for a first year starting quarterback such as J.T. O' Sullivan to overcome the crowd noise at Qwest Field.

Another must-win game would be the third game of the season at home against the Lions. The Lions are much improved but this is a game the 49ers should win.

You know Mike Martz will do his best to have the offense put up a lot of points on the Lions. Martz was the offensive coordinator for the Lions last year.

The 49ers could conceivably lose their next five games after the Detroit game.

They have to go to New Orleans and face the high-flying offense led by Drew Brees and Reggie Bush.

San Francisco comes home for two straight home games after that against the Patriots and Eagles.

It would be quite an upset if the 49ers could defeat both these teams.

What makes it worst is that the Patriots have a bye week right before they face San Francisco.

Bill Belichick will have two weeks to game-plan for the 49ers and J.T. O'Sullivan. That is a scary thought for the 49ers Faithful.

After the Eagles game, the 49ers will face the defending Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants.

Chalk up another loss for the 49ers at Giants Stadium.

Mike Nolan's team has to play the Seahawks at home right before a bye week.

I see this game as another must-win game for Nolan. 

I don't see the 49ers winning this game as Mike Holmgren gets one last victory in his hometown.

I expect Nolan will be fired after this game and the 49ers get two weeks to transition into a new system with a new coach.

After the bye week, the 49ers play on Monday night against Arizona. This should be a competitive game but it is a tossup on who will come out victorious.

After the short week, they must face the Rams at home.

The next two games in November will be on the road against Dallas and Buffalo.

I don't think anyone sees this team winning against the Cowboys.

A road game in Buffalo in the winter is never easy for a West Coast team.

The four games in December gives the 49ers a good chance of going 3-1.

They face the Jets at home before departing the Bay Area once again to take on the Dolphins and the Rams.

The last game of the season will be home against the Redskins.

The game at Miami might be the easiest game for them to win on the road.

The season and Nolan's job status will be decided in October when they have to face the Patriots, Eagles, Giants, and Seahawks.

The 49ers will improve this year offensively under Martz and their defense will improve also.

Unfortunately for the fans in the Bay Area, this team still won't be able to win a lot of games in 2008.

Expect the games to be more exciting and closer than last year, but when the dust settles, Nolan will be fired and the 49ers will have to start over once again with a new coaching staff.


Anonymous said...

I see a 0-16 future. Fire Mikey now!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good read. I hope you are wrong though. Very wrong.

Anonymous said...

It won't matter that martz is the new coach. we are still gooing to get oeur ass kicked. I see a bad season something like 3-13. we need joe montana