Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 NFL Predictions

Here are my predictions for Week 2.

Vikings vs. Colts
I like the Colts to take this one even though All Day Petersen will have over 150 yards rushing. 

If the Colts get a big lead, the Vikings will be forced to pass to catch up. 

Raiders vs. Chiefs
I like KC in this one.  Who will be fired first in the Bay Area? Kiffin or Nolan? It is never easy for a QB to play in Arrowhead and JaMarcus will make mistakes.

I was not impressed with McFadden in his first game against Denver. I was not impressed at all in preseason either. Justin Fargas  looks a lot better so far.

Titans vs. Bengals
Give me the Bengals at home. The only reason is because they are at home.

Saints vs. Redskins
Same as the previous pick. Redskins because it is their home opener and the Saints are missing Colston and three starters on D.

Packers vs. Lions
The Lions stunk up the Georgia Dome last week but rebound at home.  The Lions will probably not give up 34 points like they did last week against the Falcons.

Bears vs. Panthers
I like the Bears here with their imposing D and Matt Forte leading them to another road win.

Giants vs. Rams
The Giants will win by double digits.  

Bills vs. Jaguars
Jaguars will win their home opener. Bills are too young and unproven to win in Jacksonville.

Falcons vs. Bucs
The Bucs will win this one with defense.

49ers vs. Seahawks
The Seahawks will blow out the 49ers at home. Look for TE John Carlson to have a nice game and a TD or two. J.T. O' Sullivan will be sacked a few times and throw a few picks.

Dolphins vs. Cardinals
This is an easy one. Cardinals will win this one at home. Dolphins start 0-2.

Pats vs. Jets
No Tom Brady but the Pats will still win with defense.

Chargers vs. Broncos
This is the Game of the Week for me. This should be a great game and I like Denver to pull the upset. Chargers go 0-2.

Steelers vs. Browns
The Browns will win at home. 

Eagles vs. Cowboys
What a great MNF game. I like the Cowboys because the Eagles are still missing their starting WRs.


Anonymous said...

you made some good picks and were right about a few of them. I was surprised the 49ers won but JTO did his JOB.

Anonymous said...

you are wrong on most of your picks