Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MMA Fighter Kurt "Rhino" Osiander Interview

D Wizzle recently had a chance to talk to MMA fighter Kurt "Rhino" Osiander.  Osiander has been preparing for his Strikeforce debut this Friday night at the HP Pavilion.  Osiander is best known around San Francisco and the Bay Area as the black belt jiu-jitsu instructor at the Ralph Gracie  San Francisco Academy. Osiander has a 3-1 MMA record. His only defeat was in his last fight against Nate Moore.

Are you ready for your fight with Raul Castillo this Friday night?
Raul got hurt and my new opponent now is Josh Neal.
How do you feel about fighting for Strikeforce and also rebounding from your first ever MMA loss?
I'm honored to fight for Strikeforce and I'm ready to get back on track.
Would you like a rematch with Nate Moore?
I would absolutely love a rematch with Nate but he did catch me fair and square.
You are one of the most popular fighters in the Bay Area and get a lot of support from the local fans. How do you feel about all the love and support you get out here? Every time there is a MMA event out here, fans always ask me if you are fighting on the card.
I don't know about being popular but I love the support of the people behind me. It's why I do this. It sure isn't the money.
What do you like to do when you are not training and at the gym?
What free time!! I like to watch samurai movies, pet my dog, and party with my wife and friends. 
Who are some of your favorite fighters to watch?
There's too many to name but all my favorite fighters represent jiu-jitsu.
What is your prediction for the main event Friday between Babalu and Bobby Southworth?
This is a tough fight to call. The fighter that is in shape with a good plan and less injuries should win. 
Do you have any final words for everyone out there?
Thanks to my team - Luke, Joey. big Dave, James, Johnny bravo, Hulk, and especially Chris Cariaso, Fabiano Brasil, Casey Hall, and always Ralph Gracie, OTM, Purified Soul, Scion Nor-Cal, Mr. Nice Guy.


Anonymous said...

Kurt is a beast OTM so it's good to see him get some pub. I will be there cheering him!

Kev said...

War RHINO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was there when he lost to Nate More.it was so surreal but I guess the liquor got to me at the end of the night too.

Anonymous said...

those gracie kids are loud

Anonymous said...

Rhino rules! I will be rooting for him on Friday night! War Rhino!!

Anonymous said...

He is my favorite tough guy, for sure!!! The natives shall bring him many containers of berry juice....lol (Salute) "The Iron Rhino!!!" Special Agent ??