Friday, November 28, 2008

NBA News and Notes For 11/28/08

The technical foul called last night by the ref on Kenyon Martin was terrible. Peja hit a 3 for the Hornets to break a tie near the end of the fourth quarter, and Denver coach George Karl called a timeout.  Martin kicked the courtside table with his foot and the ref gave him a T. You just don't do that in a close game in the final quarter of a game. Martin was frustrated but took his frustration out on the table and not the ref, and should not have been given a T. This gave the Hornets a four point lead after Peja made the technical free throw.

The Warriors are the worst defensive team in the NBA. Unfortunately, they don't have Monta Ellis and Baron Davis to help them outscore teams. Ellis should be back in a few months after suffering an injury to his ankle after a moped accident over the summer.

Roger Mason has played great for the Spurs so far. Tony Parker returned tonight and now the Spurs will be lethal with both Parker and Manu Ginobili back. George Hill has been playing well in place of Parker and now he can come off the bench.

The Lakers are the best team in the NBA right now. They have great offense and play great defense too. Trevor Ariza is playing like he wants to win the Most Improved Player award. He has been playing well on defense but also is providing offense, and his jumper has improved immensely.  The Orlando Magic probably regret trading Ariza for Maurice Evans now. Evans is now with the Hawks.

Jason Richardson made his return from injury tonight and had 21 points to help the Bobcats get a rare road win over the Pacers. D.J. Augustin has played well since he moved to the starting lineup.

Who cares what Charles Barkley has to say about LeBron James? The media is just making a big deal out of nothing once again. Barkley said that James should  not be talking about his free agency plans. James will be a free agent in 2010. James got mad and called Barkley "stupid."  

The Knicks should release Stephon Marbury or buy him out. Quinton Richardson should not have dissed Marbury through the media. It is the Knicks' fault and not Marbury's at all. Marbury doesn't have a problem with his teammates, but the organization and Richardson should know better than to bash Marbury who is being disrespected by Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh.

The Timberwolves barely beat the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight. Minnesota was up 99-94 in the fourth quarter when they double-teamed Chris Wilcox and Wilcox passed it to Jeff Green for an open 3. In the next Thunder possession, the Timberwolves doubled Wilcox again, and Wilcox passsed to Kevin Durant for another open and uncontested 3.  The two three-pointers were made and the Thunder led 100-99.  This is bad defense and coaching by Randy Wittman. He should be telling his players not to double Wilcox at that time because a three-pointer will hurt you more than a two-point shot made by Wilcox. 

The Thunder might be 1-16 but they have a lot of good young players for the future. Players like Durant, Green, and Russell Westbrook, are the future of this team. and they can continue to grow together and improve. Wins are not important right now.  Just don't expect a big superstar free agent to sign with the  Thunder if they have other options. Who wants to play in Oklahoma? 

The Wizards should not have fired Eddie Jordan. It is not his fault the team was bad. They did not have Gilbert Arenas, and they also don't have their center, Brendan Haywood, either due to injuries.


John said...

Parker is back, Manu make acrobatic lay up and Duncan does he things. What does that mean? Spurs are back and there are back for good.

My fav player, Ginobili in particular is looking like he had never left the court before. You just gotta love when he makes those drive to the basket. No one does it as good as him.

And don’t forget with the likes of Mason and Hill around, it seems like it is no longer the old Spurs anymore. They have a deep bench and perhaps the best in years.

Now the Western Conference will be alive once again. It was plain boring when the Lakers were dominating it.

Here is my take on the Spurs/Grizzlies game, which I would appreciate to hear some feedback from you.

Anonymous said...

If John thinks that the Spurs can beat the Lakers, then he is on crack!!!