Monday, November 3, 2008

Warriors Vs. Grizzlies Live In-Game Blog

The first quarter is over and the Grizzlies are up 29-24.

Marc Gasol leads the Grizzlies with 12 points. No one can stop him but himself.

Biedrins has 8 points to lead the Warriors but he has two quick fouls.

The Warriors need to get some fouls on Gasol.

Wow, there is a Brandan Wright sighting! He is in the game for the Warriors.

The crowd is very sparse tonight at the FedEx Forum. Lots of empty seats all over.

C.J. Watson is playing well so far.

Memphis is up 34-31 with 7 minutes remaining in the second quarter.

This is one of the better games in the NBA tonight to watch so far.

For those that don't know, the Nuggets traded A.I. to the Pistons today for Billups and McDyess.

Marco Belinelli is in the game!! I can't wait to see this guy shoot the ball.

The Grizzlise are not good 3-point shooters but they have hit 4-5 so far while the Warriors are 0-6 on their 3-point attempts.

Grizzlise 37 Warriors 31

DeMarcus Nelson is 0-3 and struggling. Did you know he is the highest scoring high school player in California?

Mayo is a good passer. He made a nice assist to Hakim Warrick who was right below the basket.

Wow, Mayo just made another perfect pass to Gasol for another assist. This kid is so impressive.

Gasol just hit a nice shot over Biedrins. He has 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Grizzlies 43 Warriors 34 with 3:55 left in the quarter.

Ronny Turiaf is finally in the game at the 3:25 mark of the second quarter. Perhaps he can stop Gasol?

Gasol did a good job against Dwight Howard last Friday night using his big body to pester howard.

Grizzlies 47 Warriors 45 Timeout

Mike Conley is the starting PG for the Grizzlies but Kyle Lowry gets most of the minutse in the second half usually. Lowry is a far better defender than Conley.

It is now halftime and Memphis is up 49-45.

Al Harrington is really struggling and is 3-11 shooting. He needs to pick it up in the second half or give someone else more shots.

Corey Maggette apparently hurt his hamstring and his return is questionable.

Maggette is back in the game.

We are in the 3rd quarter now and the Grizzlies are up 72-67. The Warriors had a five point lead but now the Grizzlies are up again.

Biedrins has four fouls and is on the bench.

Grizzlies 73 Warriors 67 End of 3rd quarter. Grizzlies went on a 13-2 run to end the quarter.

As we approach the fourth quarter, look for Gay to lead the Grizzlies. I don't see a Warriors win tonight.

Mayo just made a layup to make it 79-73. It has been a very sluggish quarter. We have 8:22 left in the game.

No Warrior is having a good shooting night and this will lead to their demise. They have shot a dismal 31-78.

Harrington is 3-13. The problem with Harrington is he is a tall forward who doesn't play good defense and can't get a rebound to save his life. He remins me of myself in that aspect. He is not effective if his shot is not going.

I am waiting for Stephen Jackson to bomb away from 3-point land soon.

Grizzlies 81 Warriors 73 with six minutes left.

Jackson committed a flagrant foul on Conley. Grizzlies are up by 11 now.

Grizzlies 86 Warriors 75 with 4:51 to go

This game is over. The Grizzlies will win. The Warriors announcers insist the game is still not over but they are lying to the fans.

Warriors are now 2-18 on their three-pointers.

Gasol just hit a jumper and he now has 27 points. He just made a three-pointer which didn't count because the shot clock expired.

Warriors have only scored 9 fourth quarter points.

Belinelli is back in the game! So is rookie Anthony Randolph. 1:27 left in the game.

Belinelli shoots a 3 and makes it! Where was he during the second half? Coach Nelson needs to start playing him more often.

The game is finally officially over. Grizzlies 90 Warriors 79.

The MVP of the game is Gasol.

Warriors finish 3-20 from three-point land. Biedrins had 22 boards.

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