Saturday, December 13, 2008

D WIzzle's World Congratulates Anthony "Rumble" Johnson!

D Wizzle's World congratuluates Anthony "Rumble" Johnson on his knockout victory in his rematch over Kevin Burns tonight in Las Vegas. Congratulations AJ! We are all proud of you!!

Video hopefully will be up soon of the fight.


Anonymous said...

hes hella black.....cant even see the picture.... need a better the way, the shirt he wears isn;t hella fresh.. should be hella cheap....i hate all you cali people using the word.... hella

Anonymous said...

If you aint from Cali then you can't relate but then if youre not from Cali then you're most likely not too fashion forward!!!! Cali is one the BEST state in the United States. Cali and NYC runs the fashion industry in the USA... What word do you use in your state?? "SUPER DUPER"???

Anonymous said...

Actually, That's a Bay Area shirt not a Cali shirt!!!! Only people in Northern Cali says "Hella" because people in So Cal doesnt use that word even though it may be starting to spread down South. But that shirt is HELLA tight though, who makes it? (haha I'm from the SF, Bay Area)