Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's Next For Anthony Johnson?

UPDATE: D Wizzle's World's source has asked us to remove the original article that was on here until further notice

Anthony Johnson is the future of the welterweight division. So what is next for this young fighter with huge  potential?

I would like to see him fight an opponent like Mike Swick or Thiago Alves.

A Swick vs. Johnson fight would be very intriguing as both fighters train in the Bay Area and are top contenders in the UFC's stacked welterweight division. The winner of this fight could be in contention for a future title shot while the loser would have to work their way back up.

Swick and Johnson are two of the most exciting and popular fighters in the UFC because they have knockout power and can make quick work of their opponents.

Alves on the other hand is another huge welterweight and he and Johnson could have a classic war. Alves probably will get the next crack at the welteweight title but we could see a Johnson vs. Alves or Swick vs. Alves fight in the future.


Anonymous said...

War Rumble if this is so. I don't like Swick or Kos and hope Rumble takes both down. Can't wait for the fight to go down.

Anonymous said...

Johnson should be fighting Diego Sanchez next. Isn't that what he said he wanted last year?

Swick looked sweet beating up John Goulet but Goulet is just GSP's sparring partner. Swick would just be as strong as Johnson.

Adam P said...

Swick by eye poke - Just Kidding!!

Anonymous said...

This fight can't happen!2 of my faves cannot fight! I hope its not true!


Anonymous said...

Rumble rules! war AJ!