Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Picks

Pacers/Wizards over 211.5    This game will go way over the posted total.  Both teams play terrible defense. 

Heat -3.5  The Heat are on a two game losing streak but they get back to their winning ways tonight against the Bucks. Look for Wade to get over 30 points tonight and get some contributions from Udonis Haslam  tonight. The Bucks won't have an answer for Michael Beasley either. The Heat play better at home and will have a comfortable lead by the fourth quarter.

Nuggets +2.5  The Mavs will have Josh Howard tonight but he will be rusty. The Nuggets play good defense and that will be the deciding factor tonight. No one on the Dallas team can stop Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd will have to deal with Billups and not Iverson tonight at PG.

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