Monday, December 22, 2008

NBA Monday Preview

There are only six games tonight and there are no marquee games to watch.

The Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers game is probably the best game on the schedule.

The Lakers try to stop a two-game losing streak when they play O.J. Mayo and the rest of the Grizzlies in Memphis.  

ESPN and other media outlets keep on telling fans that Kobe has missed two straight shots in the final seconds that would have tied the game.  What they don't tell you is that his last second shot in Orlando on Saturday night had no chance of going in and was just a prayer from almost halfcourt.  Kobe is still the best clutch player in the NBA no matter what ESPN wants to make the fans believe.

Kobe had no choice but to heave it up and hope for a miracle. Before that possession, Kobe had the ball but kicked it out to Sasha Vujacic who missed a 3-pointer with about five seconds left and that shot would have given the Lakers the lead.  Vujacic was 0-6 on Saturday night and was just terrible. 

It will be fun to watch Kobe match up with Mayo tonight. I want to see how Mayo does against the best player in the league.

The Magic and the Warriors  face each other again after playing last week in Oakland. The Magic might suffer a letdown because they played the Spurs and the Lakers in their last two games.  This game could be closer than most people think it will be. 

Jamal Crawford had 50 points for the Warriors last Saturday in Charlotte. The problem with Crawford is that he will have more  bad shooting nights and go 3-15 than he will have 50 plus point games.  

The mismatch of the night is in San Antonio where the Spurs will face the Kings. 

Rockets vs. Nets should be a good game. Vince Carter and T-Mac will be  going against each other  and Ron Artest will get his chance against Carter too.

The Clippers return home after a long road trip. They might have trouble with the Raptors who are struggling badly.

The Raptors will try to contain Zach Randolph in the paint and hope that Baron Davis and Eric Gordon do not have big nights shooting from the perimeter.  Since the Clippers don't make a lot of three-pointers, the Raptors might have a good chance of pulling the upset tonight. 

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