Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rumors of a Raymond Felton Trade To The Warriors

A newspaper in Charlotte has said they have a source which told them the Warriors want Bobcats PG Raymond Felton. The Warriors are supposedly going to give up Brandan Wright or Anthony Randolph in the rumored trade.

I don't buy this rumored trade at all and don't think it will happen. Why would the Warriors want Felton when they have Monta Ellis coming back next year?

It doesn't make sense to the Warriors to make the trade because Felton is a restricted free agent after this season.

The Warriors just drafted Randolph in the first round of the 2008 draft and he is expected to be a starter and a star for them in the future.

Wright doesn't get a lot of playing time under Don Nelson but he has shown promise when he gets enough minutes to show his skills.

The Warriors don't need another undersized guard when C.J. Watson is capable of running the show until Ellis comes back. Even Marco Belinelli has shown he can play the point at times along with Stephen Jackson.

Let's see if the Charlotte newspaper is correct or not. Time will tell but I don't believe this trade will happen at all.

The Warriors have traded one big man (Al Harrington) for a guard (Jamal Crawford) already and so far that trade has not turned out well for them. Harrington is playing great in New York while Crawford has struggled with his shot and has provided poor defense as well.

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