Saturday, January 17, 2009

UFC 93 Live Blog and Results

Marcus Davis defeated Chris Lytle by split decision after three rounds. The fight was ok but not a "Fight of the Year" candidate at all as some people said it would be.

It was a stand-up fight. People thought that Davis vs. Swick would be a great fight too but it was not.

Now it is Denis Kang vs. Alan Belcher. Kang wins the first round and almost finished the fight with a kimura.

Wow, Belcher wins by guillotine after Kang shot for a takedown and Belcher pulled guard and caught him in the guillotine.

Kang was winning the fight and Belcher pulled the huge upset with the submission win. Belcher didn't have much offense at all until he pulled off the guillotine.

Kang took down Belcher about three or four times in the fight.

I am waiting for the Coleman/Rua fight. If Coleman loses, UFC commentator Joe Rogan probably will tell us that Coleman should retire. Rogan loves to say that after a fighter over 30 loses a fight.

Up next is Jeremy Horn vs Rouismar Palhares. I like Horns' entrance music.

Palhares dominated Horn in round 1. Probably a 10-8 round. Horn did a good job just making it out of the first round.

This fight should be over soon. This is just so one-sided. Palhares is just too strong for Horn.

Horn finally showed some offense and actually had full mount on Palhares and attempted an arm triangle. Horn is a warrior.

We are going to the third round now. Both fighters are gassed.

Edith, the busty UFC ring girl, is back so there are three ring girls in Ireland tonight.

The fight is over and Palhares will win by unanimous decision 30-27.

The UFC is now showing a prelim fight that happened earlier between Tom Egan and John Hathaway. Hathaway won impressively by TKO in the first round.

Egan is from Ireland and the crowd was cheering for him loudly.

Mark Coleman vs. Shogun Rua is next!

Coleman survives until the third round when he gasses and gets KO.

The main event ended with Dan Henderson getting a controversial split decision win over Rich Franklin. One of the judges had Franklin winning the fight 30-27.

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