Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fan Hits Lebron James "60 Minutes" half court underhanded shot

The first video is of a fan hitting the shot and the second video is of James making it on "60 Minutes."


Nate said...

Yeah, feel free to do it while you're being filmed for a nationally televised tv show...

Anyone can hit any shot when there's no pressure.

Basically, stop trying to compare yourself to LeBron James.

Unknown said...

Cool ive been know to hit a few "LeBron" shots while ive played lol its not really hard if you know your shot. Also nice 25 sec vid, my cuz has an AND 1 tape on youtube similar to that

Danny Ferry said...

Uh, why don't you try this shot on a NBA court and not a side to side court 1/4 the size at your local high school?

Note how he is barely outside the 3 pt line on this court.

In an NBA court it is a way longer shot. Way longer.

Anonymous said...

dude ur shooting like 1/4 of an nba court. maybe not even that.

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