Thursday, April 23, 2009

Q&A With NFL Prospect Joel Bell

D Wizzle's World had a chance to talk briefly with NFL Draft prospect, Joel Bell, a few days ago. Bell was an outstanding offensive lineman for the Furman Paladins for four years. He is 6-7 and 315 pounds.

How's it going Joel? Are you excited or nervous about the draft this weekend?

It's going well. I'm mainly just excited, and ready to go somewhere.

Where and what will you be doing this weekend? Do you plan on watching the draft on TV?

I'll be watching it with my parents at home. I'm not really sure if I'm gonna really watch it very closely.

Have you talked to any current NFL player about the draft process or the rigors of the NFL?

I've talked to my buddy, Landon Cohen, from high school. He plays DL for the Lions.

What do you think you will miss most about being a Furman Paladin?

Probably just my friends.

Growing up, did you have a favorite football player?

Probably Deion Sanders just because i loved the Cowboys and he was the man.

You lived in Croatia and Egypt when you were younger. What kind of experience was that like for you?

I think it was overall a positive one. The one negative was that i wasn't able to play football from a young age.

Do you pattern yourself after any current or past NFL offensive linemen?

No, but I do like to watch NFL left tackles and try to copy some of their techniques.


Anonymous said...

i hope he does well. Joel was one of our best players last season. Nice to see another Paladin in the NFL!

Anonymous said...

Bell is projected to be a mid fith rounder according to some NFL websites. I think he is a second day pick or free agent. those division 2 guys never get any fuckin' respect

Thurman the Furman said...

He will be a great productive veteran for a team because he works hard and is a big strong dude.