Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I Don't Like The 2009 San Francisco Giants

There are a lot of fans of the San Francisco Giants who can't seem to move on. They still miss Barry Bonds and it just hasn't been the same since Bonds has been off the Giants' roster.

You can consider me one of those fans. I used to go to about 10 to 15 home games a year when Bonds was patrolling left field. The ballpark was always filled with excitement during his time with the Giants. The crowd would especially get loud for Bonds' plate four or five plate appearances a game.

Fans did not dare go to the bathroom, or wait in line at the concession stand when Bonds was about to come up to the plate. Fans always knew when Bonds' turn was next.

I just can't say the same about any current Giants' player on the roster. You won't see me or anyone else skip buying garlic fries until Aaron Rowand has finished his at-bats. If I am be waiting in line for the bathroom, I won't worry about missing out on a Bengie Molina or Kevin Frandsen at-bat.

There won't be many fans with cameras when Nate Schierholtz or Juan Uribe come to the plate.

This 2009 roster is filled with boring players and not a whole lot of charisma. The Giants like to market Rowand as a "gamer" but I rather see a "star" like Bonds or Manny Ramirez than a so-called gamer.

Tickets are expensive and fans don't have a lot of disposable income these days.

I feel bad for the Giants' season ticketholders that have to sit through the boring and depressing games daily.

This team can't hit and does not score enough runs to help out their talented pitching staff. For example, their ace, Tim Lincecum, pitched a good game yesterday but gave up three runs in the 8th inning to the Angels.

The Giants lost 4-3 and you can blame the hitters for not scoring enough runs to support Lincecum. The night before that, they scored only one run against a rookie pitcher making his major league debut.

This team is no fun to watch. The fans in the Bay Area deserve a lot better and the product that the Giants organization is putting out this season is just horrendous.

You can probably fall asleep watching games this year. If you don't, you probably go to sleep at night very angry or depressed due to another late-inning collapse leading to another loss.

I went to Opening Day and that was my Closing Day also. I don't plan to go to any other games this season. I might stop by the ballpark to check out Manny Ramirez when the Dodgers come to town, or Ryan Howard and the Phillies, but you probably won't see me at 24 Willie Mays Plaza when the Giants take on the Padres, Rockies, or Diamondbacks.

This current roster is also not very likable. Barry Zito has pitched better but his better days are behind him. He was a great pitcher with the A's but his pitching has declined steadily through the years. He often seems indifferent about his pitching performances, and that has rubbed fans the wrong way.

Rowand is not a superstar either but he is also making superstar money. He might be a tough guy and a hard worker but fans get frustrated with him making key outs all the time, and striking out at balls in the dirt.

Fred Lewis was supposed to be a better player this year than last year but his defense in left field makes me long for the days of Bonds in the outfield. Lewis also strikes out a lot and when there are two strikes on him, I know that he will more than likely swing and miss for the third strike.

The manager, Bruce Bochy, often makes the wrong in-game decisions that costs his team a chance of winning games, and he is also a very boring manager. You won't mistaken him for a manager with charisma and fire like Lou Piniella or Dusty Baker. He makes me long for the days of Felipe Alou. I can't believe I just said that.

Brian Wilson, the closer, has his own reality show called "Life of Brian" and it is one of the worst shows I have seen on TV this year. I find his show boring but if you like to watch Wilson play air hockey, talk about food, and play video games like Guitar Hero, then this might be the show for you. B- Weezy, as he calls himself on the show, is more likable when he does not blow save opportunities and cost his team a chance to win.

The 2009 Giants team is committed to mediocrity. They have no shot of winning the NL West and they are lucky that they are in the wild card race.

They may win their fair share of games but they are still a boring and depressing team to watch.

The fans in San Francisco deserve better. But so did Bonds.

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