Thursday, July 9, 2009

MMA Fighters And Personalities Predict Winner Of GSP Vs. Alves

D Wizzle's World asked some of the top MMA fighters and MMA personalities their predictions for Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves. There were a lot of fighters that could not offer a prediction but here are the ones that had something to say about the fight.

Stephen Quadros, "The Fight Professor":

To me the ultra-competitive, title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Thiago Alves is all about wrestling. GSP is perceived to be the better in that department but Alves has plenty of tools to circumvent that crucial angle. The fight will be won or lost on if George can get Thiago to the floor, and keep him there, without sustaining damage, or if Alves can stuff the shot and deliver one of those big time bombs he's packing. Either way, I don't see this going five rounds.

Josh "The Punk" Thomson, Strikeforce Lightweight Champion:

If Alves can get to GSP's chin, he'll win, but I think GSP's wrestling will prove to be too much and he'll ground and pound his way to victory.

Mike "Quick" Swick:

I am going to skip predictions on this one. I'll just say Fitch (Jon Fitch) is going to dominate Paulo. (Paulo Thiago)

Michael DiSabato, VP of MMA clothing line, CageFighter:

I hate to pick against GSP because he is a great athlete, and I like him as a person but I watched Alves beat up Matt Hughes like a school child and dominate a very good Josh Koscheck. Alves wins defending takedowns, and staying on his feet.

Nicole Craner, MMA Ring Girl:

I think they are both amazing,but I am going to go with GSP as I think he is phenomenal and it's his time right now.

Keith "The KO Kid" Berry:

I say GSP by ground and pound round 3! I think he's the most well rounded fighter in MMA and I just don't think there's anyone on his level.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone knows GSP will reign supreme! GSP FTW!